"La Loba" of Chimalhuacán died: for years he led the invasion of land in the Mexican municipality

María Eulalia Guadalupe Buendía Torres, “La Loba” from Chimalhuacán (Photo: special)
María Eulalia Guadalupe Buendía Torres, “La Loba” from Chimalhuacán (Photo: special)

The Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM) reported the death of María Eulalia Guadalupe Buendía Torres, better known as "La Loba" of Chimalhuacán, who during the 90's led the invasion of land in that Mexican municipality, through the Organization of Towns and Colonies (OPC).

According to local authorities, the woman, who was arrested in 2000 and sentenced to 50 years in prison, would have tested positive for Covid-19 therefore, she was admitted to a private hospital located in the municipality of Toluca.

The Mexican agency detailed that Buendía Torres was transferred from the Santiaguito Prison to the GIN Medical Center hospital for various discomforts related to the diabetes he suffered and under the suspicion of Covid-19.

In the hospital it was intubated and connected to a mechanical respirator, however He died early Sunday morning after suffering two respiratory arrests.

Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf
Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf

So far, the Mexican authorities have not disclosed how Buendía Torres contracted the virusThey only assured, through a statement, that the activities in the Santiaguito Prison "are carried out normally, applying the corresponding sanitary protocols."

Hand in hand with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), in the 90s, María Guadalupe Buendía consolidated herself as leader of settlers in the Organization of Towns and Colonies (OPC) of the municipality of Chimalhuacán by illegally dividing land to give it to her supporters .

She was imprisoned from 1993 to 1995 for a fight led by her followers and soccer players from Llanes, in which the son of one of her collaborators, Margarita Preisser, was killed.

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A year after obtaining her freedom, she was accused of destroying a chapel in the Plateros neighborhood as a result of a neighborhood lawsuit.

Due to their constant abuse, in 1995 it already had more than 80 criminal investigations for various crimes, mainly for dispossession, injuries, evictions and the invasion of land.

Illustrative photo

Illustrative photo

She was appointed director of the Decentralized Organization for Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation (Odapas) of the municipality, from where he dedicated himself to blackmailing the population and his opponents, since if they did not obey it, he cut off their water supply.

Given its political influence, she was also named director of the DIF of the State of Mexico Besides that he placed his cousin Carlos Cornejo Torres as the municipal president of Chimalhuacán.

In 2000 the PRI took Jesús Tolentino Román (leader of the Popular Torch) to the candidacy for Chimalhuacán, but María Guadalupe Buendía opposed it and on August 18 of that year mobilized his supporters to the Municipal Palace to avoid taking the protest . The zafarrancho left 10 people dead and dozens more wounded by bullets.

A week later, on August 25, “La Loba” was detained at a home in Zinacantepec, along with her husband José Adelaido Herrera Delgado and her son Hugo Herrera Buendía. Days later, his cousin, Carlos Cornejo Torres, former mayor of Chimalhuacán, was also arrested.

María Eulalia Guadalupe Buendía Torres She was accused of homicide, injuries, illegal occupation of real estate and buildings for public use, and rebellion, crimes for which she was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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