La Voz de Tv Azteca: Belinda quarrels with Maria José over one of the participants

This Tuesday, June 2, the relality show “La voz de Tv Azteca” was premiered, in which great celebrities and interpreters of different musical genres such as Ricardo Montaner, Christian Nodal, María José and Belinda participate as coaches.

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However, barely in the first broadcast of the program, these last two mentioned starred in a fight during the show that subsequently gave much to talk about on social networks.

We must emphasize that a new element that has not been seen before has been incorporated into this new edition. It is a lock button, each coach has one in their possession, however, it can only be used twice during transmission.

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This button, as its name says, blocks another coach, or does not allow a coach to keep the participant of his choice. It is a good strategy when a coach likes a participant and another coach also wants it for his team. Well, it was precisely this dynamic that angered the singers.

It all started when María José blocked Belinda, since she wanted to stay with a contestant who particularly caught her attention, but Beli was left wanting because María José made it impossible for her, by pressing the aforementioned button.

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"I thought we were friends," said Belinda. “We are, but outside the program we are friends. Here inside we are competition. So, so that I do not take out my mosquito scare, I better put repellent on you, ”María José replied, a comment that obviously surprised the also nationalized Mexican actress and ended up causing her great discontent.

While María José finished issuing her comment to Belinda, the latter made movements and expressions of crying, as well as those typical tantrums that the little ones do when they do not get what they want. This action caused laughter and fun before the users who watched the program.

For his part, the famous singer Ricardo Montaner took advantage of the situation and launched into the opportunity to try to steal the participant, however, in the end the contestant decided to go to the team led by María José.

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