Lady Diana intended to reveal cases of child trafficking and planned its end: Anonymous

The end of Lady Diana has always been an open secret, how stained is the royal family in its tragic ending ?, the famous hacker Anonymous reveals it.

According to a more recent audio released this weekend, the hacker Anonymous made shuddering revelations about cases in which several famous figures were allegedly annihilated by the US government.

According to the sound hacker, said celebrities intended to expose serious cases of child abuse and pedophilia, so they perished in various circumstances apparently, incidental, any form that did not generate suspicions.

One of the most famous figures, was undoubtedly the deceased "
Princess Diana of WalesSince his departure, many theories emerged around him, but one of the most famous has been that his own
Royal family he would have intervened to prevent a greater scandal from going against his interests, according to the version that was around the monarchy for a long time.

Recently some
documents recently shown by a famous
hacker on the internet, I would fully check the alleged versions.

According to some documents recently circulating on the internet, they reveal that a retired agent who worked for the government of
United Kingdom, was tasked with annihilating the
Princess Diana.

The reasons, as she points out, the princess Diana He had evidence of child trafficking and wanted to bring the truth to light, and where the Royal Family was apparently involved.

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The document reveals that John Hopkins 80 years old, a dying agent and retired from the EM, who worked for the UK government, revealed in his bed that he carried out 23 crimes between 1973 and 1999.

Hopkins who through the document details all the training that he had for several years, same that he worked as part of a cell of 7 operatives.

However, Hopkins he affirms in the document that he himself annihilated the Princess Diana, "She was the only target where the order came directly from the Royal Family."

Hopkins described to Diana "as something beautiful, a woman with a heart cut in a tragic way, but also points out" represented a danger for the British crown. "

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The reason why he spoke so far, says Hopkins, he has only a few months to live, and apparently he is the only survivor who will be able to talk about this, others of his colleagues are no longer part of this world or his superior, who perished in the early 2000s and would have designed a creepy fate for him (Hopkins).

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The dying agent points out that the Prince philip He was one of the principals who orchestrated the plan, "the main conspirator in Princess Diana's crime," yet "he will never be charged with anything," he notes.

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He also describes Queen Elizabeth's husband as a "Psychopath"if submitted to the analysis of a psychiatrist.

Also, Anonymous recently released a video in which a boy detached from his clothes escaping through one of the windows of the Royal Palace, the video has circulated on Twitter and has been shared several times by users on said network, you can see it in this link.

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