“Laura Pausini, I exchange my David for your Golden Globe”

After Laura Pausini’s defeat at the Oscars, the singer probably felt she already had the David di Donatello for best song in her pocket, but even in this case she was beaten. A little surprisingly, the award went to Immigrato by Checco Zalone, Tolo Tolo’s soundtrack-hit, which beat Io Sì from La vita prima prima.

Checco Zalone himself was surprised by the victory, and during the evening conducted by Carlo Conti nicely stated, in video link: “If I knew I was going to win!”

The singer, actor and comedian, whose real name is Luca Medici, has also received another recognition, a little less noble but now equally famous, the Golden Tapir of Striscia la Notizia, from the hands of the correspondent Valerio Staffelli. The award ceremony will be shown to the public in the Thursday evening episode of the satirical TG of Canale 5, and during the meeting with the correspondent Checco Zalone commented in his own way the exploit at the David di Donatello, joking with irony also with Laura Pausini.

“I didn’t go because I wasn’t expecting it. Maybe I don’t really believe in myself.” he shielded himself. As can also be seen at the bottom of the news, Pausini herself, “rival” to the David by Donatello, he reacted with amazement to the announcement of the winner, and although he burst out laughing a certain disappointment was evident. “So we should give the Tapir to Laura” continued Checco Zalone. “On the contrary, if we are upset, I suggest that we exchange yours Golden Globe, to which I aspired, with my David di Donatello. “

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