Leaked audio of the President of the United States, wishing Lindsay Lohan at 18

This 2020 has more and more surprises, today there are several trends in social networks, which reflect the declining reality we are living, because in the United States, events never before seen and very serious are happening.

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One of the most mentioned topics is a leaked audio, supposedly from Donald Trmp, the President of the United States, in which he talks to a man his age about the benefits of having relationships with a problematic young woman, in this case referring to Lindsay They have.

This audio dates from the year 2004, in which Lindsay Lohan was just 18 years old and was going through a tough crisis in which she had enough problems with drugs and personal situations, which is why she was classified as a problematic young woman.

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The anger is quite large on the part of the users, since the video is being shared where the audio appears in great quantity, since they assure that at this time Lindsay Lohan was 18 years old and Trump 58, accusing him of being a pedophile.

Despite the great discomfort on the part of thousands of users, others consider this to be most normal, saying that they are not surprised at all and that they already knew what kind of person he was, since they consider that many famous or powerful people they are that way.

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In the audio, the president describes that having relationships with problematic young people is the best there is, he even wonders why this situation, since he considers that these girls are experts in bed, also mentioning that he had already seen inside Lindsay's cleavage and that he observed many freckles.

Many other people assure that if this audio and the situation that is being lived in the United States at the moment, be it the crown, the George Floyd case, the revolts in the streets, that if they do not manage to change the minds of their followers, they do not know that it will.

At the moment there is a very delicate situation, because in a "tweet", a publication by the president, he assured that they could take action against people who go out to demonstrate or rob shops, something alarming that even led Twitter to place a warning for the glorification of violence to its publication.

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