Learning more about the English National cricket team

The England Cricket Team is one of the most well recognized squads in cricket. Unlike what their name suggests, they represent both England and Wales. The team also represented Scotland until 1992. To visit in.1xbet.com sports betting website can be a really wise choice, especially when betting on this team. This is especially considering some of the excellent players that have represented the squads at different moments, such as:

  • Eoin Morgan;
  • Joe Root.
  • and Frank Woolley.

The team is currently managed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). From 1968 to 1998 it was the responsibility of the Test and County Cricket Board. The website 1xBet sports betting platform promises excellent options to wager on these excellent squads. They have been some of the most successful in the history of the game.

Some statistics about the squad

England played the first Test match in history against Australia in March 1877. They have played 1,036 Test matches, with 377 wins, 350 draws and 309 losses. There are 110 victories against Australia, 64 against South Africa, 51 against the West Indies, 48 ​​against New Zealand and India and 26 against Pakistan. The site 1xBet one of the best cricket odds sites, and these odds are certainly excellent when it comes to betting on the English national cricket team.

Meanwhile, England has won 381 victories in 758 ODI matches, standing out 63 against Australia, 53 against Pakistan, 52 against the West Indies, 43 against India, 41 against New Zealand and 28 against South Africa. The team triumphed at the 2019 Cricket World Cup. However, they were also runners-up in three other editions. They also reached the semi-finals in 1975 and 1983. They also came second in the 2004 and 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, and reached the semi-finals in 2009 and 2017. With such an impressive record, every person should consider one of the best cricket odds sites 1xBet and try its wagering possibilities.

A great squad to follow

For its part, England has achieved 66 victories in 131 matches in the Twenty20 category, winning the 2010 World Cup and was a finalist in 2016. Of course, those competitions are totally available to wager at https://in.1xbet.com/line. In this website, there are many teams to place wagers at, one of them being England. Following what happens with this squad can be a very rewarding experience, since it plays legendary matches with many other excellent cricket sides from all over the world.

Of course, cricket is an ever changing sport. Records and results are broken all the time. All of this means that visiting 1xBet to place wagers on cricket events can be an excellent thing to do.

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