Lego Masters Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Lego Masters Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Rich Kim is the director of one of the most watched reality competition television programs in America, Lego Masters. Anthony Dominici, Karen Smith, Steph Harris, Sharon Levy, DJ Nurre, Michael Heyerman, Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Christina Oh, Jill Wilfert, Robert May, and Will Arnett served as the show’s executive producers. The production firms working on the program are Tuesday’s Chil, Plan B Entertainment, The Lego Group, and Electric Avenue.

A number of highly skilled and well-known actors, including Will Arnett, Jaime Berard, Amy Corbett, & Chris Pratt, are featured in Lego Masters.

Lego Masters Season 3 Release Date:

The third season of Lego Masters will debut on September 21, 2022. Lego Masters Season 3 is one of the most frequently watched series right now since new episodes keep coming out.

The intriguing narrative is one of the main reasons why this program has been able to collect such a following and inspire fans to seek out Lego Masters Season three.

On December 3, 2021, it was announced that the third series of the program, which was previously slated to premiere on May 31, 2022, has been renewed. A celebrity offshoot of the series called Celebrity Lego Masters: Holiday Bricktacular was unveiled on May 16, 2022.

The third season has been moved to 2022–2023. The third season’s premiere date was slated for September 21, 2022, and it was announced on June 6, 2022.

Lego Masters Season 3 Trailer Release:

Yes, the official Lego Masters the third season trailer is now up and can be seen on YouTube.

Lego Masters Season 3 Cast:

In reality contests, there are often no set cast members, and Lego Masters is one of such programs. The host and judges, however, are the same as previously.

Will Arnett returns to host the program, as he did in previous seasons, along with Chris Pratt, Amy Corbett, and Jaime Berard as judges.

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Lego Masters Season 3 Storyline:

Teams of two Lego builders compete in the program, and they are tasked with creating whatever they can out of Legos depending on a theme and time period.

The works of art were shown to Will Arnett, the Lego Group judges, Amt Corbett, and Jamie Berard. The top finisher and the winner are both revealed, along with an explanation of why they placed last.

In addition to these actions, the jury also provides advice to the teams as they construct their creation. The team that lost is eliminated.

The winner receives the golden brick, which may be utilized in a subsequent challenge after the construction time if they are unsure about their winning piece.

While they utilize the Golden Brick to gain immunity, it is still a prize for next challenges. The best teams then compete in a finals for $100,000 in cash prizes, the title of Lego Master, plus the Lego Masters trophy.

Teams of two Lego builders compete against one another in order to finish projects based on predefined themes in a certain period of time at the show’s focal point.

The teams exhibit their final creations to presenter Will Arnett and two Lego Group industry experts once the allotted time for constructing has elapsed.

Amy Corbett, a senior design manager at Lego, & Jamie Berard, who is in charge of Lego’s Lego Creator Expert & Lego Architecture lines, are the judges for the Lego Group.

The judges reveal the winner team as well as the bottom two teams, along with an explanation of their decision-making process for each team.

The side that loses is then proclaimed and is eliminated from the contest after the first week. Added to this assessment, Amy and Jamie provide guidance to the teams still engaged in building.

In the first episode, the Golden Brick was awarded to the group with the best design as judged by the experts. If the team is unconvinced about the task’s design, they may use this brick on any following challenge after the construction time but before the evaluation to immediately go on to the next challenge.

After handing in the gold brick for immunity, they may utilize it as the reward for the next task. The top teams will compete in the season finale, which will conclude the tournament, for $100,000, a Lego Masters trophy, & the title of Lego Master.

Who Plays Host?

Will Arnett, the host, has been nominated for seven Emmys for his acting roles in “Arrested Development” (2006), “30 Rock” (2008), “10 Rock” (2011), and “BoJack Horseman” (2019, 2020). He is not only the show’s humorous host, but also one of its executive producers.

Who Sits On The Jury?

The judges and mentors from the most recent season of “Lego Masters” are Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard. They both work for The Lego Group and consider themselves to be skilled Brickmasters.

Where To Watch Lego Masters Season 3?

Fox has the first and second seasons of Lego Masters accessible. On the same platform, Lego Masters third season has also been released.

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