Less and less covered, Celia Lora wastes beauty with a great photo


The famous model and driver mexican, Celia Lora, has spent a long time inviting you to her exclusive page but this time she did it big, since she stripped herself of any pr3nda to take this promotional photograph that caused a great impact on social networks.

Although many will assure that this is nothing new, since most of those who know it know that they enjoy taking photos like that, however true fans appreciate each one and much more if it is a new one that they have never seen before.

The snapshot managed to gather more than 116 thousand likes quickly, just a few hours after uploading it, all thanks to its great charisma school made its popularity increase exponentially.

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While many were delighted with the image, they also looked for a way to comment, however, they ended up staying with the desire, since the young woman continues to have the comment box closed, so many come to send her their thoughts via direct message.

It should be remembered currently Celia Lora is participating in a reality show called BARAK: the experiment, in which 6 influencers participate, who remained inside a cabin practicing different activities that supposedly will allow users to live paranormal experiences, among the most prominent participants is Lizbeth Rodríguez, another girl just as controversial as Celia and therefore which were a great combination for entertainment.

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Among these activities are playing Ouija, a game in which spirits or perhaps other things are supposedly contacted, for which they have caused a lot of mystery emotion, even fear to those who decided to turn off access and watch the entire reality show because It is worth mentioning that it was free at first but later required a subscription.

Alex lora del Tri's daughter is not only participating in this project, but she is also participating with MTV in her stellar program Consultorio del amor with Celia Lora, where she receives questions and anecdotes from her fans on a specific topic , which places on instagram also talking about their funny experiences.

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The videos come out every Friday and they are quite entertaining and fun, all thanks to his easy-going personality.

This is the reason why many Internet users enjoy watching those shows, since apart from being very pretty and voluptuous, they enjoy jokes and the way they hang out.

Apart from her collaboration with MTV, Celia is also looking to entertain us through her official YouTube channel, where she uploads videos on topics other than those she does on Mtv, always looking to give us minutes of entertainment, since she knows that there are many who are just waiting for something to go up to observe and comment on it.

The young woman is dedicated to keeping her fans happy with new photographs and also inviting us to her exclusive content page, where you will find personalized snapshot videos and much more, highlighted by being more detailed than what we can see on her official Instagram, in where it is already raising some a little risque, you can imagine what is there.

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In this global situation, helping people has been his priority, thanks to his numbers and the great attention he has been able to do, sharing states in which he promotes various products and businesses, a quite noble activity that has shown that He has a big heart and is not only a person of appearances.

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