Linda in white, Mía Khalifa continues with its exclusive content

Gorgeous model and now influencer Mia Khalifa admitted that she only dresses up for big events and to create content for her fans on Onlyfans, so she showed us a white outfit that made her look very pretty.

This is how the famous former movie actress will know for + 18 He retired some years ago to try to find another way to monetize his name, which is already quite famous and is one of the most requested stars on the internet.

For this reason Mía Khalifa decided that the best way to monetize without falling into what she did in her past was to open her exclusive content page, because there she decides what goes up and also the way she dresses as well as what she no longer has to do what made her so famous.

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In his Instagram stories it was where he placed this photo in which he appears dressed in white ready to take photos for this exclusive content uncovered and requested by Internet users who are very grateful that he does it for them.

However, many internet users consider that Mia Khalifa You should not continue with this type of photos, because many people tend to insult and harass her and consider that a way to avoid it would be to stop with that page, although she considers that even if she uploads any photo dressed as she wants, it is not a reason to say anything to her.

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This has become a great debate on social networks, the users are all with different ideas about it, it seems that they will not reach an agreement and that she will continue with what she likes the most: monetize.

Speaking seriously, Mía Khalifa expressed that she feels her subscribers like a family, so we could say that she feels comfortable despite those toxic users because she has come to accept them in some way and love them as they are.

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Another important issue to discuss is that the young woman has been receiving blessings from other artists to continue with her work as she is admired by many of them who consider her to be a very strong person, having so many people trying to knock her down and others supporting her to the full.

It should be remembered that in 2020, Mía Khalifa confirmed that her time in the industry was the most unpleasant and that she would never ever want to return to it, she would even prefer to forget everything that happened, but the reality is that she cannot do it, since Internet users they take great pains to remind you of their exploits.

In her Onlyfans there is the possibility of talking with her through a chat and sending her messages, so she has shared them on several occasions, ensuring that those who subscribed are like her family and she has had to endure them a bit.

Mia plans to have some intense exercise routines in 2021, like the ones she has been doing for a long time, there was even an occasion last year, in January, when she shared some complete routines, with which she tones her legs. and clearly her gluteal region, in order to feel better about herself, and of course, to pamper her fans.

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