Livia Brito and her 5 most daring videos on Tiktok

Until now the actress Livia Brito has established herself as one of the women most beautiful in MexicoWe can confirm that thanks to his daring videos on his Tiktok account where he has already become popular.

There is no doubt that the protagonist of the soap opera "Italian girl is coming to marry" He has captivated thousands of hearts thanks to his videos on the application.

In a few days Livia will be 34 years old, the July 21, 1986 and although he only has five million followers in his Tik tok little by little it is becoming more and more.

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Whether wearing swimsuit, short dresses or casual wear Brito steals the eyes of Internet users as he delights his fans with his rogues and daring dances.

In the top five we find his video in fifth place where he appears wearing a skirt and blouse where it seems that she's not wearing a bra, also a plus that we can appreciate is that it is repeated thanks to the app and we can see five of it.

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In the fourth place we find the video where she appears dressed as a beautiful airplane pilot remembering her soap opera "The Pilot", the suit appears to be leather and is snug against your body.

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Livia has proven to be a excellent dancer and model, in position number three and his most recent videos we can see how he walks like all a professional from the catwalk with a tight and short lavender dress and fine slippers showing off her exquisite figure.

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Arriving almost at the first place we can appreciate that the pretty cuban actress Despite being one of the shortest videos, it looks really attractive because when the pit bull song begins it makes a movement of the hips in which it sticks to the wall, it is surely one of the favorites of Internet users.

In the number one position, the video where her body looks the most, which is where she appears in a bikini, could not miss, watch the video here, Livia does not appear alone, she is in the company of two beautiful women just like she who accompanied her to make the video.

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