Livia Brito, witness videos would prove attacks by actress and her boyfriend on photographer

The actress Livia Brito had pointed out that he always remained in the CDMXHowever, a new video that comes to light would prove otherwise, the artist has been accused of attacking a photographer who has already filed a lawsuit for the assaults.

This Friday, Ernesto Zepeda, An entertainment photographer showed the wounds through a new video that came to light, which would verify the accusations in which he points to the actress Livia Brito and her partner, who allegedly attacked him.

The reasons refer to alleged photographs that Zepeda would have taken Livia Brito and her boyfriend Mariano Martínez, which led to the actress claiming him and later "hit him with the camera, also pointed out that he had stolen her backpack and purse," he said.

(Livia) immediately came to yell at me ... 'I'm sick of them looking for me', and the first thing she did was slap me. As soon as I turn his gallant arrives and hits me on the cheekbone, in that she gives the camera to him and he takes the camera and hits me with the camera on the head. He stole my backpack, my camera, he stole my wallet, "said the photographer on the program Sale el Sol.

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Apparently the actress and his partner was walking for a while in Cancun without even the use of face masks, when she herself assured that she had never left the CDMX, the new video proves otherwise.

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Some people who were close to the events recorded the scene when they realized that it was the actress whom they recognized for the television series "The Pilot"So they did not miss an opportunity to record it, although they point out that the discussion had already begun at this point.

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Through the scenes of the video shared by the account @paparazzamx it can be seen that the couple is arguing and later they leave there quite angry for what is appreciated Livia She picks up her things quickly while her boyfriend goes up to his room with the camera in hand.

The material videographic that was left as a proof for was provided by the witnesses who also gave their testimony to the authorities.

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It is worth mentioning that it is not the only video that circulates since an interview from the media TheOmgtv has also come to light, a lady who noticed the loud screams, gave her version of the events.

The witness, among other details, she described in detail what she and her daughters managed to see about the events, the person reiterates that the actress remained most of the time accompanied by what appeared to be her boyfriend, a person who gave the appearance of having a bad face or "unkind", he noted.

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On the other hand, he commented that during the morning, several hours before happened, they had already coincided since she and her daughters were close and lived with the pet of the actress.

If I saw when this guy, he took the camera from the photographer and attacked him with it, later, he went to me, and he tried to take the cell phone from me, shouting at me that he couldn't take photos there, he says.

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He also comments that his telephone It was about to be torn to pieces, however, she pleaded with both of them to check that she did not have any photos of them since she "was not interested in her life" so the actress on the verge of tears revealed that "she was fed up with Mexico and Mexicans."

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