Lizbeth Rodríguez boasts rear guard dancing in a swimsuit

Known for being the host of the Secretos program on her YouTube channel, Lizbeth Rodríguez does not miss the opportunity to show off her figure as she did recently, while wearing a swimsuit and his rear stood out.

In the video she appears with a friend as if he was flirting with her and suddenly he approaches her and Lizbeth "slap".

Followed by this they start dancing very happy, and Lizbeth turns around showing her great rear guard because the swimsuit is lost a little between its attributes both above and below.

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Known for having been "The Badabun Girl" Lizbeth is now an independent woman, she has her own channel and social networks, she manages them herself and can do whatever she wants with them to entertain her fans who love her so much.

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It has been in a constant and ingenious way that the young woman has kept His Followers entertained with their stories, videos and photos And this was not the exception, since it is not the first video in which he appears wearing that swimsuit, however it is just as entertaining.

Apparently the driver and model found a new and ingenious way to entertain herself by launching a new reality where she herself will be exposed, the project will be called "Exposing ME", and it is expected to be released very soon.

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In the trailer that she shared on her social networks and her YouTube channel, she obviously appeared as Main character, but also now includes part of the team that is usually behind the scenes.

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Lizbeth Rodríguez will be exposedWith this, her admirers will realize everything that she and her team have to go through, so they all have to go through to have the impressive photographs and also videos, the places they visit and also part of the day to day that they all have to spend together because over the years they became family.

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