Lizbeth Rodríguez is scared, affirms spirit was squeezing her chest


On October 23, the reality show began "Barak the experiment"In which Lizbeth Rodríguez and five other Influencers in Mexico participate, she recently shared in her stories a paranormal experience that has her a little scared, as she affirmed that a spirit landed on top of her.

The rules of reality show were mentioned once the six members were inside the cabin, some of them being that there should be no aggression by one member towards another, no sharp object (including cutlery) that could cause damage, they should follow the instructions that They were offered by Barak, be careful with the candles because the cabin was made entirely of wood, among others.

The members of the cabin would be creditors of certain "tokens" in which they had less, they would be "sacrificed" clarifying that not literally, that was later explained, as the night went by, each of the members selected a bed in which they would sleep Lizbeth Rodriguez he immediately requested the bed on the first floor.

Something interesting is that each of the Influencers can have their cell phones at hand, share stories, publications, etc. however, they cannot communicate with anyone outside or with the production team.

Surely you already know the members of the house among them are

  • Lizbeth Rodriguez
  • Celia lora
  • La Divasa
  • Victor Gonzalez
  • Dama G
  • Lonrot

In case you didn't know, Dama G and Lonrot are a couple, so they immediately set aside the double bed that Víctor González had taken, but thanks to "Rock, paper, or scissors" Lonrot managed to win it over.

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The members of the cabin would have to do spiritual sessions, invocation games, rites based on different myths throughout the years and legends that have arisen around the world, everything related to esotericism.

Lizbeth Rodriguez On the other hand, she shared her experience the first day in the house, she affirmed that a spirit had prostrated itself on top of her because she could not breathe, this happened to her while she was dreaming of her son Eros, however when she felt that presence and that " someone "got on his bed at the same time he woke up, he claims to be very afraid, this experience is usually known as" The death has risen to me ", there are those who say it is called" Incubus ", but perhaps they are just rumors.

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Before starting "Barak the experiment" an Instagram was created where little by little some photographs and informative data of the members have been shared, they are a kind of card of each one, so far it already has 30 thousand followers, Lizbeth Rodriguez For his part, according to what his card refers to, he is someone who believes in the paranormal.

In the data a phobia is mentioned, it is called pistanthrophobia, it refers to a person who creates a kind of virtual cage in which he must spend his life as if he were a simple spectator, however it is commonly known as the fear of trusting again due to past experiences.

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Surely throughout these 10 days Lizbeth Rodriguez to lead to great surprises like the other members of the cabin, possibly you can still buy your pass to see their reactions 24 hours a day has a cost of 150 Mexican pesos.

Of the six members, three are coincidentally believers and three are skeptical, it will be something quite interesting to see the reactions of each one, especially in the event of paranormal phenomena, perhaps throughout these 10 days on the official Instagram or in Each of the Influencers will be seeing some important advances.

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