Look Away - The evil gaze, the horror review

17-year-old Maria Brennan has never felt right with the world. The girl struggles to cultivate friendships, is bullied in school and has low self-esteem. The situation worries her parents Dan and Amy a lot, he is a cosmetic surgeon and she is a housewife.
One evening, while in the bathroom at home, Maria notes as his reflection in the mirror begins to move unnaturally, as if it had a life of its own. It will only be the first appearance of some sort of doppelganger, which claims to be called Airam, which pushes her to take her revenge and not trust anyone.
Following the umpteenth humiliation suffered, the mysterious presence - which obviously only she can no longer see when she is near a reflective surface - he proposes to exchange their personalities, turning his fears and shyness into a blind thirst for revenge.

Whispers and screams

The teen horror tries to become mature in a film full of strengths and as many weaknesses, but still aware of wanting to trace an ambitious path in approaching the relative sub-thread. Look Away - The gaze of evil once again brings the overused double theme back to the fore, but he exploits it in a decisive way, entering into speeches related to bullying, parent-child incommunicability and in the second half bordering on developments more similar to the revenge-movie.
Israeli director Assaf Bernstein, his second feature film after the unreleased The Debt (2007), proves to be more effective in staging, revealing some instead naivety in the script, written in his own hand.
In fact, the images take on an important role and if the "mirrored" passages arouse some restlessness, other sequences have a bursting visual and metaphorical force, as in the very bitter succession of frames at the end.

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The hidden truths

The narrative, however captivating - and with scattered citations to classics, such as the one to Carrie - The gaze of Satan (1976) at the school prom - pays for several forcing, with some implausible behaviors on the part of the secondary characters.
Among these, however, the ambiguity of the paternal figure stands out, also thanks to theeffective interpretation of Jason Isaacs, which will prove to be a key element in the continuation of the plot.
A narrative twist to tell the truth suggested all too blatantly already from the opening seconds, which show the film of an ultrasound that will then be the backbone of the operation and of the link between alleged doppelgangers: it is no coincidence that the presence of the mirror is called Airam, that is, Maria read backwards.

The nightmares of the mother Maria Sorvino, also excellent, finally, serve to make clear what everyone had already widely understood e precisely in its underlying predictability Look Away - The evil gaze it can risk enthralling a spectator who was expecting a few more surprises.
Judged in its complexity, however, it remains an enjoyable title, which runs without excessive drops in rhythm during its hour and a half, abundant, of duration.

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