Looking to be attractive, Britney Spears dancing causes concern


The famous American singer, Britney Spears, has not stopped receiving the attention she deserves as the princess of pop, with everything and the one in which she was involved, her supposed mental problems and her retention by his family, his father mainly.

That's right, despite all this strange situation and after many requests from her fans to release her with the #freebritney, the beautiful girl has been uploading some videos in which she appears dancing, in them she appears with a somewhat strange look towards the camera, seeking to show that she is well and that she continues to be attractive, although she drew more attention with her distinctive chongos de hair, clarifying that she did it without the need for a garter.

For this reason many began to have suspicions, thinking that he is not allowed to use leagues for some reason, his comment box is flooded, like social networks, with comments about his apparent change of look, which reminds us a little more of when it was the golden age of her music, in which her blonde hair and her youth singing through her placed her as one of the greatest exponents of the music industry.

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In the video of one minute and 8 seconds we can see Britney dancing to the rhythm of a song while she is wearing only a black swimsuit at the bottom and red at the top, seeking to pamper her loyal fans while standing. in black sneakers with which she seeks to complete her outfit and give this show of entertainment.

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The short clip already has more than 4.8 million reproductions and hundreds of thousands of likes as well as the comments that do not stop squidding her freedom and also expressing her great pleasure to see her happy and expressing herself through dance.


Meanwhile, other users focused on saying that the young woman seems to have consumed some type of substance which they say was administered by her own family with somewhat strong accusations and which make the reality of the facts quite doubtful, since in reality it is looks quite strange in his behavior and in your look.

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Many claimed to feel very uncomfortable watching the video which should be simply a piece of entertainment from Britney towards her fans or perhaps it is a clue after revealing the reality of her daily life.

Other users even asked him if he is well, worrying a lot about his health and the way he is treated at home.

However, the most alarming thing of all is when we read the comment of a famous person who even has a blue check mark on her profile which assures that they are mistreating her and that they should send the police directly to save her.

This was discussed a few weeks ago, as Birtney went to court to prevent her father from reaffirming the extensive control he has had over his life and career during the last 12 years of his life and career.

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Her wishes were documented in the requests her designated attorney submitted to the court, which gives a rare public broadcast of the singer's wishes. The documents have also revealed that Britney Spears has no plans to return to acting anytime soon. The last time he did this was in October 2018 and, in early 2019, he canceled a planned residency in Las Vegas.

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