Lorenzo Méndez reveals the reasons for his separation with Chiquis


After the separation of the marriage formed by Chiquis Rivera and the former main vocalist of the Original Banda el Limón Lorenzo Mendez, the latter decided for his part to give his version of events exclusively.

So far the interpreter of "Sincerely, your Husband" had remained quite calm and without giving any statement, however after Chiquis Rivera announced that he was requesting a divorce from Lorenzo, he decided to base his version of events on an exclusive in the show program of El Gordo y la Flaca.

About a year ago, the 35-year-old singer decided to marry the former vocalist of La Original band El Limón Lorenzo MendezThe couple had already been in a dating relationship for a long time, however it was in 2019 that they decided to get engaged, their wedding was an event during the following months.

Although you know well this was not the first time that the couple separated, despite this, from what can be seen, it is the final one, because there is already a divorce claim from Jenni Rivera's daughter.

Due to this, the interpreter of "I still love you" decided to offer his own statement, recounting some of the reasons, which may have led to his separation with Chiquis Rivera.

Something quite interesting that can be seen in a video on the YouTube channel XclusivasTV entitled "Lorenzo Méndez denies Chiquis Rivera and leaves her in a bad way" that was published on October 26, where only three minutes are expressed a summary of what It was seen in the program of El Gordo y la Flaca, and it is that Lorenzo Mendez confessed that he himself had been admitted to a rehabilitation center last July, this with the aim of seeing if his marriage would work again and that everything was fine between him and his wife.

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He practically mentioned that both are "alpha" people according to his words, this means that they are both born leaders and that they rarely give in to an idea contrary to theirs, so it can be seen throughout their relationship and breakups. .

Lorenzo Mendez He wanted to return to music because he has been making his career for many years, unfortunately he fed Chiquis Rivera's insecurities, not only because of the fact of returning to music but what the fact of doing so entails and brings, in a few words "the life of a musician is not easy at all", because there are many temptations and there is a legend that all musicians or band singers are known to be extremely flirtatious.

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This clarified that Chiquis Rivera did not find it pleasant at all, so she refused to return to music, despite the fact that she is also a grupera singer, perhaps for some it is something contradictory, perhaps it applies differently for men and women.

Look Lorenzo they say that there is no harm that does not come, look when she looks at you with another woman and you will see ", comment of one of the Internet users in the video.

What a bad wave because using men, everyone has the right to be happy and has not left one and grabbed another, when there is love they fight they face whatever but together, "added another Internet user.

In addition to certain conflicts they had Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo was also part of their separation because they did not coincide with certain ideas and in the end, neither of them could express what they really thought of each other, which further complicated the situation between them, surely little by little They were tense at the lack of communication and the result is what we see today.

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