Lost Bullet 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Lost Bullet 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Getting in trouble for something you didn’t do makes you feel awful. Which if you had to climb mountains to show that you were not guilty? This kind of thought is used in Lost Bullet. This post will talk about when Lost Bullet 3 will come out.

The primary protagonist of the movie is a car driver, who is also the centerpiece of the story. He is getting ready to be charged with a crime he hasn’t even done.

Plenty of action scenes and this crazy goose chase have made a lot of action movie fans happy. They’re interested as well as want to know if Lost Bullet 3 will come out.

Lost Bullet 3, also known as Balle perdue in French, is the follow up to a French action film that Guillaume Pierret will direct in 2022. It comes after Lost Bullet, which came out on Netflix in 2020.

Fans had such a great time with the first Lost Bullet movie that a second one was announced for March 2021 upon Netflix. In October 2021, movies were shot in the Occitanie area along with Agde in Hérault, France.

Lost Bullet is a French action thriller movie coming out in 2020. It was directed by Guillaume Pierret and was written by Guillaume Pierret, Alban Lenoir, and Kamel Guemra.

Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Ramzy Bedia are in the movie. [1]Netflix premiered Lost Bullet 2, the follow up, on November 10, 2022. A third movie has also been revealed.

Lost Bullet 3 Release Date:

Lost Bullet fits into those groups, and it has gotten a lot of love. The movie is still being talked about, and fans want a third part. So, when does Lost Bullet 3 come out? When is the third run going to happen? We have some good news for fans.

There will be a new Alban Lenoir soon as Lino. But there’s is no clear word on when Lost Bullet 3 will come out. From what I can remember, the third run is probably in the planning stages. If they make a third part, the producers and directors will need some time. It won’t happen before late 2024.

Lost Bullet 3 Trailer Release:

At the moment, there is no promo video for Lost Bullet 3. At the moment, you can watch trailers for past seasons on the show’s main YouTube account.

Lost Bullet 3 Cast:

  • Alban Lenoir as Lino
  • Nicolas Duvauchelle as Areski
  • Ramzy Bedia as Charas
  • Stéfi Celma as Julia
  • Rod Paradot as Quentin
  • Sébastien Lalanne as Marco
  • Arthur Aspaturian, as Kad
  • Patrick Médioni as Jacques
  • Alexandre Philip as Jeff
  • Stephen Scardicchio as Policier BAC
  • Damien Leconte as Policier Commissariat
  • Thibaut Evrard as Lieutenant Bruno
  • Anne Serra as Femme Areski
  • Lino Lenoir as Enfant Areski
  • Pascale Arbillot as Moss

Lost Bullet 3 Storyline:

In Lost Bullet 2, Lino and Julia could take over for Charras’s death and start a new drug team. Lino keeps looking because he is desperate to find the people who killed his brother and teacher. No one will get in his way.

The first part got over 37 million viewing in the initial four weeks of release, so Guillaume Pierret as well as the rest of the team agreed to make more episodes. With a new story, we anticipate the new part does well on the streaming service.

They could take over Charras’ death in Lost Bullet 2 as well as start the new drug unit. He’s set on finding the people who killed his brother and boss, so Lino keeps looking.

He will be ready to get past everyone, even himself. The team led by Guillaume Pierret chose to keep going with the show because the initial episode got over 37 million pageviews in its first four weeks. We think that the new show, which has a new story, will be a big hit on the streaming platform.

In the end, Charas gets him off the hook and gives him a garage for working in. When corrupt police officer Areski (Nicolas Duvauchelle) kills Charas, the movie’s pace changes quickly.

The reasons for the change are not immediately clear, but become clear later: Areski’s “brigade” wants to steal more money from drug runners, and Charas was trying to stop them because he didn’t trust Areski.

Areski blames Lino for killing because he is the only one questioning him at the police station as well as doesn’t want to be suspected himself. Areski left Lino’s cell door open at the police station, so Lino fights ten cops to get away.

Then we find out that Charas’s very first Renault 21 2L turbo model wasn’t burned as proof; instead, it was hidden (?) by a drug runner worker named Quentin (Rod Paradot), who ends out to be Lino’s brother and adopted brother. The bullet that killed Chara was found in the car and could be linked to Areski’s gun as important proof.

Lino has been a part of Julia’s drug crime unit since Charas died and the end of Lost Bullet a full six months ago. But he is always on the hunt for the people who killed his brother Quentin or his boss, Charas.

Stella is married to the guilty person, and he watches her every night, but Areski is never home. His friends in the police force tell him to give up his goal and cease living in his car.

Julia gives him a set of keys to his Renault. In the next movie, Charas’s 2-liter turbo from the 1990s was wrecked and stored at the police station. This is what he learns. Lino fixes it, paints it blue, and adds a big battery that powers the front ram that stops cars bringing drugs.

Life of Lino, who works as a mechanic, is what our movie is about. He lived and became a mechanic, but he had a nasty past before that. Even though he knew the reverberation of his past sins, he kept moving forward in life.

Lino has been in jail before, and while he was there, he changed a lot. After getting out of jail, Lino had a really hard time getting return to work. Still, Lino is able to land a job as a car mechanic thanks to his skills in strategy. He mostly builds ram vehicles for the police in the area.

Lino was having a great time with everything. Lino started growing into a great mechanic as the days went along and he got more employment. His teacher was a great person, and Lino did really well while learning from him.

One day, though, some dirty cops killed his teacher. Lino couldn’t believe what happened considering it all happened so quickly. There were so many different kinds of proof that they all pointed the finger at him. We can’t help Lino get off of this mess unless he shows he’s not guilty.

At that point, something big happened in both Lino’s life and Lost Bullet. It says in the headline that all he possesses as proof is a lost bullet. In fact, it’s stuck in a car somewhere, and Lino needs to find it.

That car is proof that he wasn’t the one who killed his boss. Things quickly go badly as the French cops begin to chase Lino. This French action thriller starts off with some dangerous action scenes. The second part of Lost Bullet starts immediately following the first part, which was a bloody hell.

Where To Watch Lost Bullet 3?

Since it came out, this French action movie has been at the top of its categories. Take your time to go to Netflix if you’d like to watch Lost Bullet.

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