Lots of skin! Kendall Jenner poses without a bra and in black panties

There is no doubt that the model Kendall Jenner He knows perfectly how to attract the attention of his millions of followers who he delighted with a publication that surely made one more melt on the social network, filling everyone with sighs.

It was during the month of May of last year that Kendall Jenner was part of the Calvin Klein promotion and for this she once again starred in a candid photo shoot in topless.

In the promotional video, the sister of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner talks about everything that is and is not in herself, and how sometimes the black sheep of the family feels, although I also reflect that everything is possible based on the famous "clickbait".

In her speech the beautiful model took up some arguments that exist around her and even admits to being a control freak, and she also affirms that there are many truths about herself, everything is a clear reference to the controversial content that is generated around her just to attract the attention of social media, when in reality not everything, necessarily, is true.

And it was thus as part of a work of art, that one of the minors of Las Kardashian left her bust almost exposed.

In the photography Kendall She is lying down posing in front of the camera, showing off her torso with only a denim jacket and black panties.

Click bait? "Kendall wrote in the post.

As expected, this publication caused a stir and to this day it has more than 4 million likes and endless comments from its millions of followers on the social network.

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Kendall Jenner is the second youngest sister in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, yet that doesn't stop her from being one of the most famous of them all.

At just 25 years old, the model appears on the world's most important celebrity lists, but that is not comparable to her prominence on the Forbes list, which leads as the highest paid model in the world in 2018.

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In this way, the Victoria's Secret angel has surpassed models such as Karlie Kloss or Gisele Bündchen, who had been on the list since 2004.

In fact, it is estimated that her annual earnings have reached 22 million euros, five million more than in 2016, when she was listed as the third highest paid model in the world with only 21 years.

Pepsi, Marc Jacobs or Estée Lauder are just some of the brands that have paid him significant amounts of money, which has made him raise the cache.

However, the astronomical figures he charges do not reach any of his sisters and although Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian are two of the family members with the fewest followers on Instagram, thanks to Kourtney's lifestyle website and the book Posted by Khloé, they have surpassed the model when it comes to wealth.

The highest paid model in the world is also the image of Calvin Klein, and each of the campaigns in which she participates demonstrates her unattainable sexuality and pulling on gifts that only in that family they know how to do.

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It is worth mentioning that Kendall Jenner, who has walked for important firms such as Victoria's Secret, Givenchy, or Chanel, is not even close to the richest of the family.

However, what is surprising is that not even Kim Kardashian is, but Kylie Jenner, the youngest, has been singled out as the youngest millionaire in history.

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