Love Trip: Paris Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Love Trip: Paris Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

“Love Trip: Paris,” an unscripted dating show that was only shot in Paris, has been picked up by Freeform for a full season. In “Love Trip: Paris,” four American girls who haven’t had much luck with love in their country move into the penthouse in the middle of Paris. When they get there, they find a floor full of French men who want to go out with them.

Is this trip to Paris for love their one-way boarding pass to romance, and are they starting to head for heartache in another language? The format for the show was created by FOX Alternative Entertainment and Production/Satisfaction Group. Susan House is in charge of the show’s production, and Matt Rogers is in charge of narrating it.

Emily in Paris is going to stay, and we can’t wait to see what Lily Collins’s stylish character has in store for the City of Love in season three, which comes out on December 21.

In December 2020, just before Christmas 2021, Netflix released the second season of the show, which follows Emily Cooper (Collins) as she juggles her sales job, complicated love life, and friendships in Paris. Season one was a big hit with Netflix users and had been out for over a year.

At the start of the second season, fans had seen Emily pick up the pieces after her affair with Gabriel, go through a rough patch with her friend Camille, fall for her new love interest Alfie, find out that Sylvie is leaving Savoir, and decide that she wants to join her Paris team full-time instead of going back to Chicago. She also found out that Gabriel and Camille had gotten back together and moved into the apartment below hers.

From the trailer, it looks like all of that is clear. In the clip, Lignel says, “I love living in a place in which everything can change inside one night.” Zito says, “We’re replicating the footsteps of the greats” and names several famous fashion designers. “This is the world’s fashion capital!” Firestone said, “If you make this in Paris, you could indeed make it anywhere!” This is what Zito adds.

The main goal is, of course, to find love. Firestone, who will help guide the other women in some ways, seems to be setting up dates for them. “It’s a full-time job to raise four young American women in Paris, and I’d love to see them off with a cute young Frenchman,” she says. Zito makes a joke about how easy it is to find a partner in Paris. “Everyone’s in the mood.”

But aside from love, this show seems to be all about friendship. Toure says, “I’m happy since I’m meeting new people and getting to try new things.” Lignel says, “To be Americans in Paris brings us together.” “I don’t feel that way about any other group of friends.”

Love Trip: Paris Release Date

“Love Trip: Paris” starts on Hulu on Tuesday, Feb 14 at 9:00 PM EST/PST for two episodes. After that, it will air every week at 10:00 PM the next day.

Love Trip: Paris Cast

Caroline is a personal trainer in New York. She is tired of dating in the U.S. and thinks it is likely that her woman is in Paris.

Rose is a real estate agent in Boston who has always stated she would marry a passionate and romantic Frenchman.

Lacy is a psychiatric podcaster who lives in Nashville. She learned French as a hobby during the pandemic, and she feels like her soul already gets to live in France. Lacy likes people who are different from her, and she thinks that calling herself gay limits her.

Josielyn is a model who lives in Los Angeles. She thinks she hasn’t met anyone yet since she did mean to meet someone in Paris.

Love Trip: Paris Trailer

Love Trip: Paris Plot

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