Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 67 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 67 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Twilight’s Low Tide: Chapter 67!The manhwa Low Tide in Twilight, also known as Night By The Sea, combines drama, slice of life, & Yaoi.

Low Tide in Twilight is on the corner, & the readers are interested to discover what lies ahead in the novel as the plot keeps advancing with even more suspense.

You will discover all you need to understand about chapter 67 of the the game, as we have covered whatever we could regarding the latest chapters of Low Tide in Twilight.

Read on for the raw scan, spoiler, and release information. These mature readers only please! If you’re under 18, you should probably stay away from it.

Named variously as “Night by the Sea,” “Night by the Water,” “Waterside Night,” “Low Tide in Twilight,” etc. Euja has written and drawn this boy-love manhwa. Currently, Boomtoon is serializing the manga, which began publication in 2021.

Story follows protagonist Kim Euihyun as he contemplates running away from his dismal existence. After weighing his options, Euihyun has decided he no longer wants to live and has lost all emotion. He owes a fortune to creditors and has no prospects for the future.

After giving it some thought, Euihyun decides to end his life by drowning. Except for the youngster he has been caring for, he has no second thoughts about terminating his life. He believes abandoning the kid will just increase his pain, so he carries him along.

Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 67 Release Date:

The long wait for the next chapter of Low Tide in Twilight is almost over, as Chapter 65 is about to hit theaters. Wow, you’re correct! The Low Tide in Twilight, Part 65, is dropping immediately on October 29, 2023.

Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 67 Trailer Release:

Low Tide in Twilight Volume 67 does have a preview video.

Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 67 Storyline:

Let’s take a moment to review what happened in the last chapter so you can better understand what’s going to happen in the next one. In the beginning of this chapter, Euihyun and Taeju are awakened in the automobile.

After all that has occurred, Euijyun wants to leave, but Taeju stops him from leaving and forces him to explain his inexplicable behavior. Nothing Taeju says to try to keep Euijyun reliant on him will work this time, and Euijyun will go anyway.

Taeju tries again, this time more frantically, to express his feelings for Euihyun. In response, Taeju receives a throaty grabbing from Euihyun, who says that Taeju must be inebriated to say such things about love.

Kim continues and states that he had him pay the sum he did not owe, made him a gigolo, and mistreated him brutally. His actions are not motivated by affection.

The protagonist in this tale is a guy who dwells much on his own mortality. These are constant concerns for him. He quits & dies because he has everything left.

When he feels like it, he takes his own life. Taeju returns him to him. Taeju gets in his vehicle with Euihyun and reminds him that he continues to owe money.

Taeju assumes it’s his baby and wonders where the kid’s dad is. Euihyun is chatting with him in a very calm manner, so Taeju suggests they can speak like friends.

Kim Euihyun has made up his mind to declare that he does not desire to live. He had lost all sensation. He may expect nothing but bad fortune. Holding his only hope, he looks into the night.

It won’t last forever. Someone, however, pulls him from the shadows along the shore. Euihyun’s sole asset is her mountain of debt, but Taeju rescued her.

Taeju now wants to assist Euihyun in his recovery by providing him with resources such as money, a home, and a job.

What, then, may Taeju, who despises Euihyun’s odor, want in exchange? Is Taeju the one who will break Euihyun out of his slumber for good?

Where To Watch Low Tide in Twilight Chapter 67?

The official Lezhin Comics website is where readers can get all the current and future chapters of the ongoing series Low Tide in Twilight. BoomToon hosts the original Korean series for reading online.

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