Luis Lacalle Pou fired the president of Antel, the state telecommunications company of

The President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou. EFE / Raúl Martínez / Archive
The President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou. EFE / Raúl Martínez / Archive

The head of state of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, fired the engineer Guillermo Iglesias, who held the position of president of Antel, the country's state telecommunications company.

Lacalle Pou's request for resignation from the official, who had been in office for two months, came after a crisis unleashed by a resolution budgeting 857 people who had been hired under public service for more than three years, according to the newspaper The country.

Those employees, the newspaper detailed, they would become public officials with the same rights than the other budgets of the company. The May 7 resolution was signed by Iglesias, but President Lacalle Pou was unaware of it.


For his part, the president of the Single Telecommunications Union (Sutel), Gabriel Molinahe explained to The Daily than these are officials who were already working at Antel and who were not budgeted last year

because it was an election year. According to Molina, a revocation of the measure that Iglesias had adopted would imply a breach of the collective agreement.

However, the Presidency resolution invokes article 197 of the Constitution, which confers on the Executive Power, "when it considers the management or acts of the Boards of decentralized services to be inconvenient", the power to make the observations "that it considers pertinent, as well as to order the suspension of the observed acts" The Executive relied on that article to advance its decision.

Lacalle Pou also recalled in his resolution the decree 90/020 of March 11, 2020, which calls on the bodies included in article 220 of the Constitution, the autonomous entities and the municipalities to adopt measures "in order to contribute to the objective (...) of reducing the fiscal deficit"

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For the goverment, the Antel management decision did not take into account “the situation of high fiscal deficit, as well as the tax pressure that weighs on the population, derived from excessive public spending. "In addition," it compromises the bases of long-term growth, generating distortions that impose the need to implement policies aimed at rationalizing public spending. ”


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