Luis Miguel doubted being the father of Aracely Arámbula's son


New details on the relationship between Aracely Arambula and Luis Miguel return to the headlines after the alleged doubts about his paternity with his first child and the actress became known.

The foregoing, as revealed by a media outlet who pointed out that the "Sol de México" was not sure that the first of the children with Aracely, little Miguel, was his son.

Miguel Today he is a 13-year-old teenager, who lives under the protection of his famous mother, Aracely Arámbula, as well as his little brother Daniel Gallego Arámbula, both sons of the artist.

As it transpired, the origin of these suspicions was an alleged infidelity on the part of the actress, or at least the medium detailed, that was what the interpreter of "La Inconditional" thought at first.

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The alleged versions came to light through a report by the medium "MQT" who expressed that although Luis Miguel did not object or complain to Aracely Arámbula, the first thing he did as soon as there was an opportunity was to carry out a test of DNA to his son as he doubted the little one was his.

The reason I doubted Aracely has a name

Apparently, one of the reasons that triggered the suspicions in the artist, Luis Miguel, would have been a series of rumors that according to the "La Prensa" media outlet announced that the Mexican actress had been seen in the company of the Spanish Naín Thomas.

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Coincidentally, this happened a little before the histrionic became pregnant so this sowed the seeds of doubt in the singer.

For her part, the histrionic Aracely Arámbula, in a past interview with the program "Suelta la Sopa" where the controversial issue was addressed, the histrionic assured that the music star, Luis Miguel, was the love of her life and it was for that same reason why they had two children.

The singer Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula with their first-born. Instagram

It is worth mentioning that from the beginning of the relationship the couple was one of the most controversial in the world of entertainment since from the first time they were seen together the media firmly followed each of their steps and even until today the past both continues to arouse a lot of rumors and theories about the reasons for their breakup.

It is even well known that after having starred in a relationship that went beyond a simple romance, the former celebrity couple has a legal battle for the maintenance of their children and even the histrionic has even said that Luis Miguel is a "distant father and does not care to be present in the lives of his children".

Even other media have revealed that "Chule" herself confessed some of the possible reasons that led her relationship to failure, as she allegedly said that the singer had asked her to stop working as she was looking for a woman who was always at home with the children, something that Arámbula did not consider since he did not want to abandon his career as revealed by various media.

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This, added to the singer's constant nocturnal escapades which would have ended up breaking one of what seemed to be the most solid relationship in the artist's life.

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