Lupillo Rivera, on Twitter they bully him by the relationship of Belinda and Nodal

Until now the news of the engagement of Belinda and Christian Nodal continues to be a trend, for this reason Lupillo Rivera now they bully him some users of Twitter.

Especially the memes have paraded through the microblogging service, obviously many are directed towards the couple, but those who have made the interpreter of "They had already told me" arguably epic.

One of the most viewed is the jerry mouse crying, only that they have added tattoos since Lupillo has severalShe even has one on her arm that was made in honor of the pretty blonde.

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It was in the edition of Mexico's voice of 2019 when the rumors of the relationship between Belinda and Rivera, something that from the beginning was denied by both.

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However it was himself Lupillo who ended up accepting their five-month relationship in an interview, they claim that Belinda had been the woman he loved the most.

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Such was the scandal that the memes compete to see which one of them looks the most painful, including one where it appears Pycorus from the Dragon Ball Z series where he only rips his arm off, users commented that Lupillo would do that now that he knows about the relationship between Belinda and Nodal.

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There is another image where users make fun of the singer because he stopped following the interpreter of "Down here" Christian Nodal on his account Instagram.

Another piece of news that some users remember is that it is believed that it was Belinda who asked the production of La Voz México not to contact again Lupillo Rivera since she did not want to meet him or in the hallways of the television.

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