Macabre discovery in Michoacán: 12 bodies were found abandoned in a van

Michoacán authorities reported the discovery of 12 bodies abandoned in a van (Photo: Twitter / red113michoacan)
Michoacán authorities reported the discovery of 12 bodies abandoned in a van (Photo: Twitter / red113michoacan)

The lifeless bodies of 12 people have been found this Saturday, in an abandoned Nissan NP300 type truck in the limits of Michocán and Guerrero, to the west of Mexico. Authorities have said there are no hammer caps on the perimeter.

The unit, with plates Warrior and theft report, it was allegedly abandoned in a breach of the municipality of Huetamo, Michoacán. The tray contained the bodies of a dozen civilians.

"In coordination with Sedena and the National Guard, we reinforced operational actions in the municipality of Huetamo due to the location of 12 bodies on a highway section that leads to the town of El Terreno Prieto," the Michoacán Security Secretariat said on Twitter.

"We maintain a surveillance device through operational work such as reinforcing patrols, installing checkpoints and inspecting vehicles in order to preserve the safety of the population," he concluded.


According to unofficial information, the massacre was the result of a cartel confrontation Jalisco New Generation and the Michoacana family.

Local media have reported that the victims of the massacre could be members of the CJNG, who have been ambushed, raised, and tortured by their rivals from the Michoacan Family.

It is presumed that among the victims is the head of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, nicknamed "El Chito Cano", whose nickname began to sound last February, when assassins launched a threat against the Michoacán criminal organization.

"The cleaning started, gentlemen. We come to remove from the State of Mexico all the fucking scourge of La Familia Michoacana, pure people from Chito Cano, ”repeat alleged criminals dressed in tactical clothing.

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The Michoacán Family and the CJNG are fighting a fierce fight for control of the Michoacán plaza, which for years has been a key point for drug transfer.

The CJNG has launched various threats to the Michoacan Family
The CJNG has launched various threats to the Michoacan Family

The silent and prolonged effect of violence in Michoacán, It has affected the inhabitants of the region, who have been evicted from their homes.

Inhabitants of Parácuaro, interviewed by a national newspaper, assured that trucks labeled with the initials CZNG (Zicuirán Nueva Generación Cartel), supposedly linked to the CJNG, arrived with armed men, who demanded that approximately 120 families leave their homes.

On May 14, a video of alleged armed men identified as members of the Zicuirán New Generation Cartel It had a strong impact on social networks. The muffled and long-armed subjects noticed their alliance with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel for being the group with the most presence and money in the country.

The recording, in itself challenging, generated controversy as the alleged criminals openly address the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles and the head of the Ministry of Public Security, Alfonso Durazo.

Shortly after the images appeared, supposed residents of Zicuirán gave a speech on behalf of the United Peoples. In it, they denied the accusations against him: "We respectfully address you to inform you that we are not a cartel, as we are disqualified in a false video that is on social networks, people with very bad will try to disqualify us, Mr. President, ”says a man.


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