Madonna and Sean Penn's wedding, a harbinger of their toxic love

Madonna and Sean Penn's scandalous wedding was just one sign of how turbulent their love story would be.

Perhaps many are unaware of the torrid relationship between Madonna and Sean Penn, which ended in a strong scandal in addition to other strong rumors that accompanied it.

Both would meet in the 80s, back then Seann Penn was considered "the new James Dean", would have become the best of his generation. While Madonna he was an icon of music and a total transgressive figure of that time.

However, the explosive character of both would contribute to the disturbing story of both. A relationship that was apparently accompanied by assaults, addictions and emotional instability, as well as a scandalous wedding.

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The beginnings of a toxic relationship?

It all started in February 1985 when Sean Penn saw Madonna on MTV and decided he wanted to meet her. Out of nowhere he showed up with her during the filming of "Material Girl."

Although his bad manners made a terrible impression on the singer, she still agreed to go out with him.

To everyone's surprise, they began their courtship and a few months later, the 27-year-old music star and the 24-year-old actor arrived at the altar.

However, the day they both starred in their wedding was a harbinger of what their relationship would be.

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Their scandalous wedding

The big day represented an event, the star of the stages and considered the "Queen of Pop" married one of the most handsome of Hollywood,

However, the day did not end with the happy ending to a wedding that everyone would expect, Madonna enjoyed attention and publicity, so every time he went out with Penn He called the paparazzi, who he ended up attacking to leave them alone.

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In 1985, Madonna she described her boyfriend as a wild type, which probably for her, "would lose his life very young". She tried to seek psychiatric help for him, but nothing and the arrests made Penn see reason.

Madonna she married the actor on August 16, 1985, Penn He tried to give his girlfriend a nice and quiet wedding, but everything turned into a "circus". The guests arrived at the wedding while the groom welcomed them with the phrase "welcome to the new version of Apocalypse now."

Noticing that the paparazzi were flying over the place in Malibu, Penn He went berserk and appeared on the beach with a "F $ ck Off" message, while at the same time wielding an artifact ready for anything against them.

Many say it was the same Madonna who told the press that the celebration of his birthday and that of the actor would be a double celebration and that is why the paparazzi arrived at the scene.

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Later Penn it indicated that it would have been unable to attack other "human beings, but those photographers were not people", and only "expected that at that moment the helicopters would crash to the ground," he said.

Penn tied up Madonna

The solution of Penn To try to deal with the character of the singer, "almost indomitable" for many was tying her to a chair.

Literally Sean Penn decided to tie up the interpreter of "Like a Virgin", this after at the end of 1987, the actor disappeared for four days and then appeared at his apartment in New York asking him to Madonna Cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.

However, she responded with the divorce papers in hand, after 12 days they canceled the procedures.

The tensions between the couple were increasing and on one occasion Penn accused the singer of cheating on him with a friend of his own Madonna who had both preferences, it was at that moment that the "queen of pop" decided to move alone to her mansion in Malibu.

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On December 28, 1988, they claim that the actor sneaked into the singer's mansion and after an argument gagged her and tied her to a chair where she spent eight hours.

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Time in which the artist assured, he was drinking and assaulting her, when he finished with all the alcohol he went out to buy more and that was the moment when the singer took the opportunity to untie herself and go out to her car to call the police.

However, Penn I would argue that it was an invention of hers, although one of the agents found her with a broken lip, the most curious thing would be that the artist filed charges against her partner, herself which he later withdrew, many point out that perhaps he regretted the negative publicity he would attract or really "was all a lie" as the actor pointed out.

The two lasted together for only four years.

The divorce came

By January 25, 1989 the couple was already divorced. They could not sustain their terrible marriage and both decided that it was best to go their separate ways. Madonna stayed with his New York apartment and Sean Penn with the mansion in Malibu.

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Both belonging to the artistic medium it was almost impossible that they did not intersect at some point. In 1991 the singer gave a controversial statement revealing that Penn She would have been "the love of his life, but she had not been able to be the partner he needed." As detailed by the El Imparcial media.

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