Man of Steel 2, what did Zack Snyder have in mind? Braniac and more Lex Luthor

After finally bringing his original vision for Justice League to the screen, Zack Snyder goes back to talking about what his plans would have been if he actually made a Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill.

According to the latest announcements, it would seem that Warner Bros. has decided to focus on a new Superman and a new creative team for a project dedicated to the DC hero completely different from the one started in 2013 by Man of Steel.

But rumors and theories about Man of Steel 2 continue to circulate, so it was Zack Snyder himself who told BroBible what could have happened in a potential sequel to the starring film. Henry Cavill.

We talked about a movie on Braniac“reveals the director”Although I believe the Kryptonians who were in the Phantom Zone, Faora and the others, could have returned, they were still around and there was a chance“.

It was always what was out there what we talked about for a potential sequel. I’m of the opinion that Superman needs extraterrestrial adversaries, because I think you have to be careful … I mean, besides Lex, of course. We would have continued with Lex because she is his true nemesis, but I think you have to look beyond the globe for challenges worthy of Superman because of how powerful he is“he then continued.

Ma the way forward for the character according to Snyder was never in doubt: “I don’t know if I would have made him take a path that led him in a different direction from the one established“admits”I think Henry is a fantastic Superman. I had a great time working with him. We set out to make him a modern Superman in Man of Steel, in his relationship with society and the world today. We did, and what if … And that’s what the film is all about, frankly“.

The premise of Man of Steel is: what if there really was a Superman? What could that mean?” conclude.

And you, what would you have liked to see in a sequel di Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments.

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