Mank, according to Ben Affleck, Netflix's contribution was fundamental

In recent years, giants like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have launched themselves decisively into the market for high-quality original content, competing with the biggest movie studios. Already in the past Ben Affleck he had addressed this topic and is now back to talk about it, months after the closure of many cinemas also in the USA.

In a conversation with David Fincher, who directed it in Lying Love - Gone Girl, Ben Affleck reiterated his thoughts on streaming, also focusing on Mank, Fincher's latest film, made in collaboration with Netflix.
"There is this big debate between streamers and filmmakers, blah, blah, blah. And I'd like to point to this movie as the prime example of what is great about Netflix, which is that they make it. I don't know if it was shot at Warner. ".

In the interview for Variety, Affleck acknowledged that a niche film like Mank may never see the light these days except for Netflix or other subscription streaming services. In recent years, many niche projects have been taken over by the giants of streaming, creating a different channel for products of this type, difficult to implement by the classic majors.
The onset of the pandemic has forced the film industry to reinvent itself and focus heavily on streaming platforms.
The most drastic decision belongs to a major: Warner Bros. has decided to distribute the films simultaneously in streaming and in theaters, throughout 2021.

On Everyeye you can find Mank's review.

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