Map of the coronavirus in Mexico May 23: Yucatan grew in active infections, locating itself after

Graphic: Jovani Pérez / Infobae México
Graphic: Jovani Pérez / Infobae México

The last report of the Ministry of Health detailed that they are currently 62,527 accumulated confirmed cases, 13,347 active infections of COVID-19, as well as 6,989 deaths.

Mexico City reached 17,690 positives and 3,495 assets (who presented symptoms in less than 14 days); State of Mexico 10,160 positives and 1,437 assets; Baja California 3,944 positive and 555 active; Tabasco 2,930 positives and 650 assets; while Veracruz reached 2,601 positives and 632 assets.

The Mexico City and the State of Mexico top the list of entities with the highest number of deaths from SARS-CoV-2. By contrast, Aguascalientes, Durango, and San Luis Potosí are the three with the lowest number of deaths.

This day there 814 suspicious deaths, which could be added to the total number of deaths from COVID-19 when the results are provided.

Graphic: Jovani Pérez / Infobae México
Graphic: Jovani Pérez / Infobae México

According to the numbers of the past days, the contagions have been increasing exponentially, going from 54,346 on May 19 to 59,567 yesterday and this afternoon to 62,527. That is to say, in a 24-hour period there was an increase of 2,960 new cases (5%).

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As for the death toll, from yesterday to today there was an increase of 479 people, while from May 20 to 21, 420 people died.

There were 113,742 negative cases and 33,801 were suspected, out of a total of 210,070 tests carried out until this day, 61 of the National Day of Healthy Distance.

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Alomía pointed out that the health authorities still have 413,452 tests available to detect COVID-19This is because they recently received a new shipment that Mexico bought.

Coronavirus conference (Photo: SSA)
Coronavirus conference (Photo: SSA)

Regarding the availability of beds, he reported that more than 9,000 are occupied, which represents 39% of the availability of the 23,497 totals in the country. In national terms, he referred that according to data from the digital platform of the IRAG Network (Severe Acute Respiratory Infection), there are still 14,340 beds available.

Thus, Mexico City and Cuernavaca are the entities with the highest hospital occupancy. The capital still has 28% of its general hospital beds available and 36% with a ventilator.

This afternoon the conference was attended by the head of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, to present the initiative of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla decorations to gratify and recognize the medical personnel who in this health crisis risk their lives to help those infected with COVID-19 recover.

The winners may be voted by the patients themselves through a call.

Coronavirus conference (Photo: SSA)
Coronavirus conference (Photo: SSA)

There will be four grades of awards: the first is a Medal and 100,000 pesos, which will be received by doctors and nurses nominated by patients recovered from COVID-19.

The next award is the Grade cross and 50,000 pesos for 500 doctors and nurses, nominated by the community of the most productive COVID-19 hospitals.

The award Band Grade and 30,000 pesos for 1,000 doctors and nurses who are members of COVID-19 teams, nominated by the institutions for their exemplary conduct.

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Finally it will be the decoration of Plate Grade and 25,000 pesos for 7,500 COVID-19 equipment from converted hospitals.

Although the pandemic curve continues to riseThe federal government's plans are still in place to begin phased activities beginning June 1.


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