Map of the coronavirus in Mexico May 24: with a record of 3,329 cases in one day, the epidemic did not

Despite President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's “optimism” about the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mexico recorded a new record in the number of infections by coronavirus upon reaching 65,856 confirmed accumulated, which means 3,329 new cases in the last 24 hours, while the number of deceased people reached 7,179, which represent 190 more deaths than the previous day.

According to the health authorities of the Ministry of Health of the federal government, There are 14,253 active infections from Covid-19, 118,137 negative cases and 31,663 are suspect, to give a total of 215,656 tests carried out.

When two months have passed since the formal start of the National Sana Distancia Day, Mexico City continues to lead the accumulated number of confirmed cases (18,912), followed by the State of Mexico (10606) and Baja California (4097).

In fourth place is the state of Tabasco, the birthplace of President López Obrador with 3,044 cases, Veracruz (2,689), Sinaloa (2,438), Puebla (2,015), Quintana Roo (1,580), Yucatán (1,419), Michoacán (1,330) , Sonora (1,264), Hidalgo (1,192), Tamaulipas (1,183), Morelos (1,171), Chihuahua (1,170), Jalisco (1,132), Nuevo León (1,120), Guerrero (1,086), Chiapas (1,050), Guanajuato (1,028 ), Oaxaca (964), Coahuila (816), Tlaxcala (749), Querétaro (669), San Luis Potosí (640), Aguascalientes (614), Baja California Sur (521), Campeche (406), Nayarit (404) , Zacatecas (230), Durango (217) and Colima with 100 accumulated cases.

With respect to number of deaths, the country's capital already has 1,899 cases, followed by the State of Mexico with 842, Baja California (653), Tabasco (387), Sinaloa (380), Veracruz (341), Quintana Roo (288), Puebla (251) , Chihuahua (246), Morelos (238), Hidalgo (212), Guerrero (163), Tlaxcala (121), Michoacán (115), Yucatán (110), Jalisco (102), Oaxaca (93), Guanajuato (85) , Tamaulipas (82), Querétaro (69), Chiapas (68), Coahuila (64), Sonora (63), Nuevo León (62), Campeche (54), Nayarit (41), Baja California Sur (31), Zacatecas (27), Aguascalientes, Durango and San Luis Potosí (26) and Colima with 14.

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Likewise, the authorities indicated that there are 718 suspicious deaths, 96 less than those registered yesterday, which could add to the total number of deaths from Covid-19 when the results are provided.

With respect to number of beds, it was reported that there are 14,836 available and 9,206 are busy. The case of Guerrero state that occupies the first place in occupied beds of general hospitalization stood out (76%), while Baja California ranks first in fan beds (65%), while the State of Mexico is in second place with 62% of its ventilated beds occupied.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, recalled that next Saturday May 30 will end the National Sana Distancia Day, Therefore, it is important that citizens are aware that this is not a discriminated opening, but that it will be staggered and under sanitary protocols.

He warned that from June 1 begins the phase called “new normality”, Made up of a series of measures that may or may not be carried out in public spaces.

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The official acknowledged that when mobility starts, infections will pick up, but that, under the conditions of the pandemic, it will be normal and should be treated with care.

López-Gatell recalled the experience of other countries, noting that they have also had flare-ups when reopening activities, however, he acknowledged that confinement cannot be maintained forever, so Mexico must prepare ahead of time for this scenario.

In this way, he urged citizens to stay at home during the last days of the National Sana Distancia Day, and once finished, avoid public spaces, since there will still be a risk of getting it.

Said Mexico must be prepared for a long epidemic (June, July or even August and September), so he warned, in October the influenza season begins, so that both respiratory diseases could come together.

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"Long means that the epidemic curves of different cities and states in the country will be presenting themselves during June and July, some until August, perhaps some until September, especially the two largest cities after CDMX that still do not have a such an active transmission: Guadalajara and Monterrey. It is possible that when they enter later and given that they are large populations, the epidemic will last and is projected practically until September and in October the flu season begins. It is not guaranteed, but it is probable that with the arrival of influenza, Covid could also resurface, ”the official assured.

The Plan of return to the new normality will be based on a traffic light that will mark which activities will return, for this, the Ministry of Health will announce weekly in what color each state of the Republic is located.

The traffic light has four colors (red, orange, yellow and green), in addition to five categories, which represent activities such as: public and work health measures; essential and non-essential labor; public spaces; vulnerable people and schoolchildren.


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López-Gatell acknowledged that there is a probability of a flare-up of COVID-19 infections at the end of the Sana Distancia Day.

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"Guadalajara and Monterrey could extend their coronavirus epidemic until October": López-Gatell

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