Margot Robbie explains why she "drank" before her scenes

The renowned 30-year-old Australian-born actress Margot Robbie, It has become quite a trend since news was shared about what he did before recording his scenes in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" next to the Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, and that is that he tended to drink a little before starting to record, she explained the reason herself.

Margot Robbie's popularity is due in large part to this film, which arguably has been one of the most important of her career, it is with which her name began to trend constantly.

Although this was actually the fourth film project in which he participated, it was in fact the one that his career was catapulted into, after "The Wolf of Wall Street" in 2013, his appearances in the films began to be more constant and with even roles. most important, so far there are 24 in which he has participated and several of them have already been announced for 2021.

Something surprising of Margot Robbie It is the fact that he participated in more than one movie per year, for example when he participated in "Suicide Squad" in 2016, where he played Harley Quinn, another of his iconic characters did so with two other productions "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" and "The legend of Tarzan", the same thing happened since 2013 except for 2014 where he did not participate in any film from there on out in each year that passed he participated in at least two films.

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Thanks to her talent and especially her obvious beauty, she has become one of the most sought-after celebrities in Hollywood, so much so that the Barbie movie is being launched with her as the protagonist, however, there are still no estimated dates for the recordings.

However something that has attracted a lot of attention returning to his film "The Wolf of Wall Street", Margot Robbie She tended to take a few shots of tequila, a representative drink of Mexico from the State of Guadalajara, Jalisco, it is something that is said to have surprised her fans, however she herself clarified the reason why she did it.

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Surely you remember the scene where Naomi Lapaglia takes off her clothes to flirt with the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, in the movie Margot Robbie was not used to doing this type of scene so shortly before arriving on the set she was very nervous and scared, because of what they recommended to drink said drink, she did it and affirms according to the 24 hour portal the daily without limits that this helped her relax and make the scene like a professional.

Although there are those who claim that it was Margot Robbie herself who recommended the director Martin Scorsese to make the scene completely natural, so it would be a bit illogical for him to later give her some shame, however perhaps at the moment "of truth" the nerves they began to take her by surprise.

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Fortunately this has been one of the most iconic scenes not only in the movie but in all of Hollywood, now Margot Robbie She is one of the actresses who have made history with her natural scenes as several have done before her and will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks to her role as Naomi Lapaglia, she began to be known and they even claim it was with the character with whom her career was catapulted, it was not until 2016 when she played Harley Quinn that her popularity increased exponentially, surely with her future projects she will continue to surprise us We look forward to that.

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