Maribel Guardia's attitude provokes "anger" from Andrea Legarreta


When peace seemed to reign in the forum of the program "Hoy", a situation would once again create discomfort among the conductors of the broadcast, particularly Andrea Legarreta he spoke out against the attitude of Maribel Guardia.

The drivers of the morning where until now peace reigned after the unfortunate event in which they would lose the producer, Magda Rodríguez, now a new controversy resurfaces.

It was her own Maribel guard who supposedly would have reacted in an unacceptable way to some of the presenters of the broadcast of "Today".

One of them was Andrea Legarreta, who spoke to the singer and actress for pointing out that she had come to the program with "aggressive" behavior.

The problem would have arisen in one of the sections in which the team of conductors interacts with the guest stars.

Many of the viewers enjoy the moment when the dynamics presented throughout the broadcast of Televisa.

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In some of them, the presenters compete by singing songs, playing games or performing some "skits".

It was precisely in one of them in which the also model Maribel Guardia participated by attending as one of the guests of the television program.

The contributor served as the "teacher" in what appeared to be a fun representation of "The schoolhouse"where the other drivers were the students.

However, what was a supposed "game" ended very badly for Andrea Legarreta and his companions who were suddenly beaten by the rule that the Costa Rican carried in his hand.

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Legarreta herself reproved the attitude of Maribel Guardia who, symbolizing her character as a "strict teacher", distributed several very strong rules to all those who participated in the scene, Legarreta, Raúl "Negro" Araiza, Jorge "Burro" Van Rankin who even called " hysterical "to the famous, in addition to Marisol González who also personified one of the insufferable students.

After this, Andrea Legarreta was very serious, denoting that she would not have liked the reactions of the guest star, Maribel Guardia.

While the other drivers, they had no choice but to continue acting out their role in the classroom.

In the end, everything was like a simple joke, however, the presenter of "Hoy" chose not to participate in the dynamics anymore.

On the other hand, the show on the Las Estrellas channel is the target of various controversies between the alleged "exits" of some of its hosts as well as the inexplicable permanence of other figures.

One of those who has led the strong controversies is Andrea Escalona, ​​of whom they point out, what will happen to her career now that her mother, the producer Magda Rodríguez, is no longer present?

It was one of the journalists from the YouTube channel "Chisme No Like", Jorge Ceriani who put the issue on the table in one of the videos where he addressed the problems that existed between Galilea Montijo and Andrea Escalona.

According to Ceriani, the relationship in the beginning of Escalona to the broadcast would have unleashed some conflicts due to the tensions that existed between the two and it would be the same "Galilea who requested the head of the host," he said.

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Later, things seem to have calmed down between the two and even the driver from Guadalajara was one of the most affected by the departure of the producer of the legendary entertainment program.

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On the other hand, one of those who make up the driving team is permanently out of the broadcast after knowing himself would test positive for the virus, so he would have been replaced by Arturo Carmona, who has now aroused suspicions about whether his stay will be indefinite. that apparently, many of the changes that the remembered producer pointed out at the time have not been implemented.

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