Marlene Favela shows off her figure in stunning swimsuit


It seems that motherhood and later the end of their marriage made Marlene Favela have a enviable body, because it boasts in an extremely attractive swimsuit.


A few months ago, the protagonist of the soap opera "The cat" she gave birth to her beautiful daughter and in a short time she had her figure again before her pregnancy.

Marlene she was always thin and despite having gained a few kilograms when she was pregnant, she got rid of them very quickly.

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Of course it was not only a simple diet but also began to do exercises little by little until her body adapted and she was able to perform a little heavier exercises because you know that after giving birth you cannot have strong activities because your body is recovering.

And it seems that nowadays her figure has recovered her and more than that because she looks better than ever, which we can corroborate with her most recent photographs on a yacht.

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"Life is a party! Do you want to dance or just be a spectator?", He shared in one of them in his description.

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There are two publications that he made, in one of them he is sitting looking at the horizon he placed in his description "Today my sea has a beautiful color", his legs are crossed so he looks very elegant.

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The second photograph is standing, a little Profile reason why its figure is appreciated from head to toe there is no doubt that it is an attractive woman and above all beautiful.

As you surely already know Favela separated from her husband and although many affirmed that he had abandoned his wife and daughter, the truth is that only he and Marlene know it.

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Apparently not everything is rosy, because despite the couple seemed to be very much in love, a friend of the actress assured that the problems began to emerge after her daughter was born

Of course, this situation did not stop the actress and he continued his life as if nothing clear that now with a beautiful daughter at his side, and that fortunately he can support without any problem.

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