MaveriX Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

People are talking about MaveriX, an Australian teen show. In this show, you’ll see some kids who want to be the best bike riders in the world. To do that, they’ll have to get into a special academy for riders.

The first season of the show ended in April. It was a big hit, and now fans are looking forward to MaveriX Season 2.

If you want to know when MaveriX Season 2 will come out, what will happen, who will be in it, and other details, then keep reading.

MaveriX is an Australian TV show that came out on April 1, 2022. It is about young people and teenagers.

The Australian show is about a group of six youthful dirt bike riders who have come together to form a team and are trying to win national titles.

Each of the six teens is put to the test and pushed to their limits in order to give them the chance to join the real racing team at the end. But at the end, humans also see how all of these races and pressures have brought people together and helped them form friendships.

MaveriX Season 2 Release Date:

The very first season of MaveriX just ended, so the team behind the show is taking its time to decide what to do next. They haven’t made any official statements about whether or not the show will be renewed.

So, we can’t say yet when MaveriX Season 2 will come out. We’ll let you know as soon as the studio gives any hints about the next season. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you must wait.

MaveriX Season 2 Trailer Release:

There hasn’t been a confirmed date for the show’s return, so there won’t be a new trailer.

From what we know, they haven’t even started shooting yet. It seems like it will take a long time.

But watch this space, because we’ll let you know right away as we find out anything. Watch the first season’s trailer here.

MaveriX Season 2 Cast:

The story and script for MaveriX were written by Sam Meikle, Fin Edquist, Michelle Offen, and Kelly Schilling.

On the other hand, it was made by Rachel Clements and Trisha Morton-Thomas under the name Brindle Films.

The show is made by Bernadette O’Mahony, Mary-Ellen Mullane, Sam Meikle, and Isaac Elliott. MaveriX was made in Alice Springs, which is also where the movie was shot.

There is one season of the show, which has ten episodes. MaveriX’s first season started on and has ten episodes. The first episode for the inaugural season of MaveriX aired on ABC Me on April 1, 2022.

  • As Scott, Darcy Tadich
  • Jenny played by Tatiana Goode
  • Sam Winspear-Schillings played Bear, and Tjiirdm McGuire played Richie.
  • Sebastian Tang as Kaden
  • Charlotte Maggi as Angelique
  • Jane Harber as Tanya
  • Rohan Nichol played Griffo, and Kelton Pell played Vic Simmons.

MaveriX Season 2 Storyline:

MaveriX is a dramedy show about a group of junior motocross riders who have just started at the MaveriX Academy.

The academy is in Alice Springs, Australia, and it is the first place of its kind to help with dirt bike racing.

All of the accepted students get the opportunity to become part of a professional racing team and start their journey to becoming the best riders.

Scott Griffin is one of the top fighters on the Australian Junior Motocross Circuit. His father, Ken “Griffo” Griffin, was a champion on the circuit.

so Scott is carrying on the family tradition. The father and son team is planning to open a new bike school, which they are calling MaveriX. Those who are now going to look for fresh students to join.

Jenny is among a handful of girls who shows interest, joins the circuit, and tries out different chances.

Richie has a great deal of potential, but his mom and dad want him to focus on school and get better grades at the private school he goes to.

Kaden was on hold because he was planning on joining the Katzo Motorsports team, however since he finished second to the best rider on the team, Lawson also joined MaveriX instead.

Lawson tries to control Scott and tells him things as if he weren’t his father. This works to some extent, since Lawson does distract Scott at the finals, but Scott still comes in second.

Griffo and his son Scott Griffin are racers who open a new motocross training academy called MaveriX.

They want more pupils to join them, so when they go to a race event, their quest to find students begins.

Jenny Chivas and Richie Peterson are 2 racers who catch their attention, so they are asked to join MaveriX.

They also try to talk to Kaden Li, a rich kid, but he turns them down. He wants to join MaveriX’s rival team, Katzo.

To join Katzo’s team, he has to defeat national champion Lawson Lawrence in a race. He fails, so he has no choice but to join MaveriX.

Richie’s parents want him to stop training for motocross and study for the scholarship tests he has coming up.

Richie gets people to join MaveriX in some way. MaveriX now has 3 riders in their academy, which is a good sign.

When they start training, they don’t get along very well. Gritto is upset because he doesn’t have enough money.

Tanya, a friend of Gritto’s, sends his troublesome son Bear Wallis to Gritto to maintain him out of trouble while he trains with them professionally.

Bear doesn’t like the concept and desires to flee as soon as he gets there. He calls his dad and tells him what’s going on, but his dad doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Bear is stuck there against his will, but he slowly grows to like his squad and the place. Tanya says that she should be the team manager because she has an MBA and thinks that what they require is good management.

Scott is made captain, but he has no idea what he should do. A smart girl from the neighborhood named Ange helps her brother steal engine components from the MaveriX garage, but they get caught.

In exchange for fixing her bike, Scott asks her to come on board and work for them. She is good at racing and a teamplay who helps bring everyone together. But she can’t pay the school’s fees.

The landlord of Barb could be a sponsor because he is willing to put money into the team if it finishes first.

The team isn’t able to do this, but Barb is convinced by one‘s skills and potential and appears to agree to be their sponsor.

The day of the NT Championship comes, and everyone on the team is ready with their best gear. Jenny wins the title, but Scott gets in trouble.

He committed an error which caused them to lose their sponsor and the person in charge of putting the team together. The group breaks up.

Scott fixes what he did wrong and gets into the Nationals. The team gets back together and is prepared for the championship.

The Ratings And Reviews On MaveriX:


MaveriX got a score of 7.5 on IMDb predicated on 48 votes, but a score of 2.5 on Leisurebyte. Overall, people had different things to say about the show.

Some people talked about the show and said it was boring and not good enough, but the other half of the audience loved it and showed it.


From the first incident to the last, this TV show is amazing and well-made. It seems to say that women can do things better than men can. Also, it shows that if you have a strong team, you can do anything.

No matter what the situation Also, the author deserves praise. As each episode goes on, the story gets more and more interesting. I hope there will be a second season!

Where To Watch MaveriX Season 2:

So, if you want to watch this episode, you are able to do so on ABC Me, which is the official home of the show.

This show is on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so you can watch it online if you want to. All of these are paid internet services, and you can watch a missed episode at any moment and from anywhere.

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