Meet Kima her little brother! Kimberly Loaiza excited

Today one of the most famous celebrities in Mexico is Kimberly Loaiza who recently shared a video where she is excited because Kima met his little brother.

Although for many it was not a surprise to know the state of Kim Loaiza because hundreds of people already imagined it, from the moment he decided to make it public, it seems that he had a great respite because usually any gratifying news is usually shared with his followers very excited.

Given this, he added the reason why he had hidden it for so long with that explanation, his cuteness immediately understood what happened and as expected they gave him their full support.

The interpreter of "Bye bye" next to her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja shared in a new YouTube video, one of the biggest emotions they have felt in this second pregnancy is the fact that her daughter Kima knows her brother .

As many already knew the baby would be born in February, however in this new video it seems to indicate that Kimberly Loaiza She had fewer weeks of gestation so she could be born in late February or early March, something with which both were surprised.

The video that La Lindura Mayor shared recently is already at number 10 of the trends on YouTube, this is entitled "Kima looks at her brother for the first time (this is how she reacted) Kimberly Loaiza", she shared it on January 16, we will share it with you right away.

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Awww how beautiful and huge Kima is as well as mini JD, we look forward to it! ", They wrote in the video.

Both Kima and the new baby of the couple formed by Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja have become two mini celebrities like their parents, this thanks to the popularity that both have, although to tell the truth it is La Lindura Mayor who has a greater number of followers and popularity than her husband, who does Well he is not far behind so far he has not been able to reach his beautiful wife.

In the video we can see the journey that the couple makes on the way to the gynecologist to have an ultrasound done on the baby, this time they decided to take their little girl for the first time, who, as you will remember, is quite restless and jealous because she does not like anyone touching his mom and not his dad.

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While they are in the office, Kima does not seem interested in where she is, she just wants to be with her mother who is lying down while the doctor prepares her, when the face of little "Juanito" appears as they themselves mentioned (it is not known if this will be his name) the couple is excited and shocked because he again bears a great resemblance to Juan de Dios as happened with Kima.

As for the little daughter of Kimberly Loaiza She does not seem to be enthusiastic about what happened and she does not understand very well what is happening, she just looks very tender and beautiful.

I love it, it will be extremely beautiful, like his parents and sister, we are waiting for you mini JD, "wrote one of his fans.

In this new video, Kima Sofía surprised the Internet users and followers of the couple with some new words that when listening to them, her parents get excited and the same would happen with her fans who adore her, despite her young age Kima has managed to earn the darling of everyone who gets to know her not only through videos but also personally as we have seen throughout the couple's videos, she will surely become a very loving sister.

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