Meghan Markle plans to publish her personal diary and concern grows in the royal family

The newspaper that Meghan Markle wrote while royal could be published / Shutterstock
The newspaper that Meghan Markle wrote while royal could be published / Shutterstock

Meghan Markle's adaptation to life as a member of British royalty was not what she expected and she ended up giving up her royal duties, taking Prince Harry and his son Archie out of the UK. Today the Duchess of Sussex is installed in Los Angeles, ready to continue with her new life away from the Windsor.

However, there has recently been speculation about the possible existence of a personal diary in which Meghan took refuge during the most difficult time under public scrutiny. That material could be published in an attempt by the 38-year-old former actress, so that the world knows her version of the events that ended with the so-called Megxit.

According to one of the American's friends, speaking to the British tabloid Daily Mail, Markle wrote a first-person chronicle of her difficult stage from aspiring actress in her country to member of the British royal family.

It seems that Prince Harry's wife is eager for "people to know their vulnerable part," the friend of the former American actress told the aforementioned media. "I think she wants people to feel compassion for her and to know about everything that has happened, that it has been anything but a fairy tale."said this source.

In less than two years, Markle became engaged to Charles of England's son, married, became a mother, and gave up her place in the crown. Both she and Harry presented their resignation at the beginning of the year and in April it was made official. After two months in Canada, the royal couple moved to California in March. Along with their one-year-old son, they live in a mansion valued at $ 18 million by businessman Tyler Perry.

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The Dukes of Sussex are living in Los Angeles (Shutterstock)
The Dukes of Sussex are living in Los Angeles (Shutterstock)

Elizabeth II's grandson is not having his personal best moment after his flight from the United Kingdom. Magazine Vanity Fair

revealed last week that Harry feels lonely in Hollywood. According to a source in the publication, the Duke of Sussex, 35, feels "rudderless" when out of work and away from his closest friends, while his wife has her mother, Doria Ragland, and her loved ones close to her.

The idea of ​​Markle keeping a journal like royal in Britain it did not surprise the real experts too much, since the then protagonist of "Suits" had a history with writing. One of the first sacrifices he had to make when he got engaged to Prince Harry in 2017 was to shut down his lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Andrew Norton, who was the biographer of Princess Diana and also wrote a biography of the Sussex, does not doubt that Markle could venture to publish it, since it would have an enormous benefit, beyond the economic one: "I'd be in full control", he pointed.

In addition, Norton said that Harry's wife is "a good writer."

Some suppose that Markle let this news transpire as a way to push for his biographical book, “Finding Freedom,” which tells of his life in Buckingham, to come out before August 11, which is the stipulated date.

The official biography of the Dukes of Sussex goes on sale in August
The official biography of the Dukes of Sussex goes on sale in August

If this project goes ahead, it would be following in the footsteps of Lady Di, Harry's late mother and brother William, who helped publish a book giving her own version of the relationship between Prince Charles and his now wife Camilla Parker. Bowles, but he also dared to reveal his fight against bulimia and his suicidal thoughts.

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Without friends or work: Prince Harry's bad moment that led him to reconcile with William

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