Meghan Markle, the reasons why she has not made passes with her father Thomas Markle


Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, he definitely chose to distance himself from his father, and so far has not moved his arm or foot to initiate an approach with Thomas MarkleSome of the reasons they point out are the following.

One of the reasons why Meghan sued the media, is that on countless occasions they have violated their privacy, in addition to the strong critics that in some interviews she pointed out "she was criticized even for how she dressed and how she moved". However, there was something more unforgivable for the royal.

Initially, his own Thomas Markle He explained that his daughter participated in his relationship with the prince, according to him, he was one of the first to find out about the wedding, and even the son-in-law himself, Harry, called him to ask for his daughter 's hand.

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Until then, everything was going well and it was even the honored to enter the Church with the girlfriend on the day of the great event, however, that moment did not occur as planned.

One of the requirements at the event was to prohibit the use of any artifact capable of taking Photographs. It was known that the father of the royal he had offered the British media exclusive images of the wedding.

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After a series of claims made to Thomas, Mr Markle He decided to go to the United States and chose not to answer any calls from his daughter.

These messages were leaked, but an alleged theory states that the father of the Duchess, Thomas, it was who apparently shared them with a British newspaper. What were the letters of Meghan, which also unleashed his fury against the British tabloids.

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In some of the lines, the mother of Archie He asks his father to answer the calls, according to what was revealed.

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However, nothing Meghan He made his father react, the relationship was broken, while for his part, the royal couple filed a lawsuit against the media that released the "private" letter of the exactrix.

For the "royal family", this was an act that managed to put Meghan in a situation like the bad one in history.

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Sadly, for the Duchess on her wedding day she was tinged with a little sadness, between the happiness of joining the prince and the failure of her father to accompany her to the altar, and now Thomas Markle continues to be absent in his life and without knowing his beautiful grandchild.

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