Mercedes Rolls Out 7-Seater SUV

The giant automaker, Mercedes, has unveiled its new SUV in Utah at an event.

The 2020 GLB model from Mercedes is somewhere between the GLA and the GLC models. The company hopes to gain more footing in the market with this special SUV model.

Keeping in line with the addition of some special features to its updated or new models, Mercedes adds its MBUX infotainment system into the new model.

This special feature gives a driver absolute control over some parts of the vehicles without using a touchpad or screen but through his or her voice.

Although the GLB is a bit smaller than the other models, it offers a third row with two more seats, taking the number of passengers to 7.

The third row is a bit small for adults but will be great for your kids. Thus, the GLB model is a great vehicle for families regardless of its smaller size than other bigger models.

Mercedes cars have a reputation for their off-road prowess. This model is not an off-road best like its predecessors but it boasts of the aggressiveness of a crossover and will perform wonders on gravel roads.

This unique Mercedes SUV will come with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is turbocharged with 258 pounds of torque and 221 horsepower.

It will be available in two variants: four-wheel and front-wheel, giving potential buyers the opportunity to make a choice.

The vehicle is expected to hit US showrooms towards the end of 2019. The manufacturers kept mute about its price at the event.

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