Mexicali tightens sanitary measures after becoming the city with the most COVID-19 infections in

(Photo: Reuters / Daniel Becerril)
(Photo: Reuters / Daniel Becerril)

Mexicali It went from being one of the key cities in the fight against the coronavirus to becoming one of the most contagious territories throughout the republic, so they decided to implement more severe sanitary measures.

Marina Del Pilar, municipal president of Mexicali, Baja California, published a video on her official social networks in which she communicates to people lNew preventive measures such as road closings and restricted departure times.

The president, affiliated with the National Regeneration Movement, assured that from the April 30 there was a relaxation of sanitary measures and mobility, so he asked people to return to the habits that the city deserved a congratulation from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

On the other hand, assured that for the moment the hospitals reached their maximum capacity and the space for the bodies in the funeral parlors or crematoriums is not given enough, which causes slowness in the post-mortem process.

“This is not the time to let your guard down. Today Mexicali is the fourth city in the country with the most cases of infections. It is time for all of us to assume our responsibility to stay home, if we have to go out that it is only to carry out essential activities, "asked the municipal president

In addition, Marina Del Pilar assured that they are already going out, but the key to the path to the trends of the decline will be that the residents continue in their homes, that they are “part of the solution and not of the problem”.

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"Do you remember the fear we had the day we learned of the first two cases in Mexicali? We must feel that same fear now, we must bear the same responsibility with which we assume to face the coronavirus at this timeHe asked.

Marina Del Pilar, municipal president of Baja California (Photo: Screenshot)
Marina Del Pilar, municipal president of Baja California (Photo: Screenshot)

He also assured that at the moment, in the city you cannot speak of a "Return to normal" or a "revival of the economy" until they return to control the contagions and deaths by coronavirus.

Among the new measures to be implemented in the territory, the presence of the Municipal Police in the avenues and boulevards of greater mobility, same that will begin to close lanes from 6:00 in the afternoon.

The circulation of cars will work with the same rules, but only two people can travel per carThey must have essential reasons to be on the streets.

The use of copper mouthpieces, on the other hand, will be mandatory in each sector. Supermarkets or self-service stores must end their activities at 7:00 p.m.. All people who enter must do so under strict rules of healthy distance and the use of face masks at all times.

Finally, the population You can only leave your homes until 6:00 in the afternoon and after said schedule, only essential activities will be allowed; However, it's not a curfew, since there were no specifications of punishments, arrests or fines in case of not complying with the preventive sanitary measure.

(Photo: Reuters / Jose Luis Gonzalez)
(Photo: Reuters / Jose Luis Gonzalez)
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"Mexicans have only two options: that of staying home for the next few days or contracting coronavirus. I love you so much, I love them very much, I want them healthy, I want them alive"Said the municipal president.

The president also he thanked the entrepreneurs in a very special way for the consideration they have with their employees, as well as the preventive health measures that were implemented within the workplaces that continue to operate.

In the end, Marina asked people to trust local governmentIt is not the time to use a national emergency situation to hit them. The decisions, he assured, focus on protecting and caring for the health of Mexicans.


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