Mexico registered 149 deaths of health professionals and 11,349 infections

55% of those affected in the health sector are women (Photo: Reuters / Jose Luis Gonzalez)
55% of those affected in the health sector are women (Photo: Reuters / Jose Luis Gonzalez)

The health sector in Mexico 11,349 confirmed cases of COVID-19 nationwide among professionals fighting the pandemic, of the more than 54,000 that have been registered. Further, the death toll reached 149 people this May 19.

Another 29,634 health workers have tested negative and there are 8,275 suspects among those who could have been most affected, the Mexican government's director of epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, said in a press conference.

Presenting the technical report of COVID-19 in the country, Alomía explained that Mexico City, the State of Mexico and the State of Baja California are the entities that register the greatest number of cases.

"Active cases of health personnel, who have become ill in recent days are a quarter of all patients and represent 2,790 who have signs and symptoms," Alomia pointed out.

He specified that the 55% of those affected are female, between 35 and 39 years old.

While those affected 41% are nurses, 36% are doctors, 20% are other professions, 2% are laboratory workers and 1% are dentists; 19% had obesity, 12.6% hypertension and 7.9% diabetes 7.9%.

Accumulated deaths nationwide increased in 334 cases in the last 24 hours (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Accumulated deaths nationwide increased in 334 cases in the last 24 hours (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Mexico reached 5,666 deaths on Tuesday with 54,346 confirmed cases of COVID-19 being notified during the day 334 deaths and 2,713 infections, informed the Mexican Health authorities.

By sixth consecutive day, Mexico overcame the 2,000 new case barrier of contagion, with the 2,713 of this day.

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In the last 24 hours, confirmed cases grew 5.3% compared to the 51,633 accumulated infections contained in the report the previous day, explained Alomía.

At the same time that the entities with the most cases increase their numbers by around 3,000 infections, there are states that have begun to approach their peak of the pandemic for "so we expect a good load of confirmed cases" in the coming days, said the expert on the growth of cases in recent days.

From the universe of confirmed infections, today we have 11,767 active cases, as it refers to the patients who have developed the symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days and who are considered as potential sources of contagion.

Accumulated deaths increased in 334 cases in the last 24 hours to go from 5,332 on May 18 to 5,666 on this day, in addition to having 733 suspicious deaths waiting to be confirmed by laboratories.

Since the start of the pandemic in Mexico in late February, authorities have reported 29,450 suspected cases, 101,979 who have tested negative and 185,775 people who have undergone the study protocol in the country.

Health authorities confirmed a national average of 39% of the beds available for non-seriously ill patients and 32% of the intensive care beds in the country.

In Mexico City, an occupation of 66% of intensive care beds was reported, followed by Baja California with 58% and the State of Mexico with 54%, explained the Mexican official.

* With information from EFE


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