Mhoni Vidente reveals the vision of Livia Brito after assault on paparazzi

The seer of the stars, Mhoni he spent a few minutes in one of his videos on his YouTube channel where he explains the reasons for the attitude that recently got the actress in trouble Livia Brito.

During one of her most recent videos, the clairvoyant explains about the aggressive attitude on the part of the actress, which has plunged her into great controversy and generated several disapproving comments from the public and some colleagues in the media.

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The guru of the show reveals that she had a vision about the actress of Cuban origin, which she shared with all her followers

She has to apologize to the man who attacked, also the boyfriend, because he does not use it, we belong completely to the artistic medium and we belong to the public and to the people and she made that mistake.

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It should be remembered that in recent days it was revealed that the photographer Ernesto Zepeda he brought an accusation against Livia Brito and her boyfriend after both assaulted them with their camera and they even stole it along with her backpack, which carried her wallet inside.

In fact, some witnesses They took video of what happened, which were released through different media.

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However, that was not the most revealing thing seer he pointed out, as it points to a strong motive behind that conduct.

Mhoni had a vision where he saw that the famous 33-year-old would be taking a hormone treatment to get pregnant, which would explain his hostile character.

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From what he explains, he is one of the great reasons that uncontrolled the character of the famous actress

One of the visions I had of Livia is that she is taking hormones to get pregnant, that's why she is very upset because she already wants to be a mom. She already wants to get pregnant with her boyfriend with whom she is only 4 or 5 months old.

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It also reveals that finally the action against the paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda, who will be "victim of assaults and the theft of her wallet and personal items by the Cuban and her Venezuelan boyfriend, "according to the photographer's own version, Mhoni Seer he pointed.

I think he is going to come paying (the paparazzi) about 150 thousand pesos. Livia tries to calm you down, try to reach an agreement with him and don't get mad, you shouldn't make problems where there aren't any.

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