Mia Khalifa's pose leaves fans with hearts racing!

The pretty model Mia Khalifa Again she left her fans more than in love, despite the fact that in her new photograph she is not showing off her enormous charms but another part of her body is just as gratifying to see her in that image.

For a few days the beautiful celebrity did not publish content on Instagram, in fact, it was only three days, but of these posts she made, she had not appeared on the screen.

Mia Khalifa is known for having great superior attributes it is more than obvious that they were the product of an aesthetic operation, the model and also a businesswoman stated that when she was even younger (she is currently 27 years old) she was quite "flat" so she had large complexes in addition to that he also became overweight.

After she lost a few pounds and had the weight she wanted, she decided to undergo augmentation surgery so that her charms were more than striking, thanks to this her popularity in the film industry began to increase, it was in 2014 when she ventured into the cinema films for the elderly, in addition to their race and their great charms Mia Khalifa He swept several actresses in the medium who had already been working for years, his name in 2015 became one of the most sought after around the world.

As you may already know, despite the fact that the films she starred in are still on the Internet precisely in the company that hired her services, the model left the industry after three months of working there, despite the fact that she had a promising future, she made the decision to retire, there are two versions of what happened, the first that was disappointed in the industry and the second that felt pressured by Isis.

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The publication he shared a few hours ago consists of two images, although in reality both are the same, only that the first has some filters, it appears wearing a two-piece swimsuit, this is lost among its later charms that despite They are not so big they attract enough attention also because they are covered with sand which gives it a special touch.


I'm so proud of growing my little baby cakes, even if it's only from this angle for 0nly Fâns, "wrote Mia Khalifa.

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On his current official Instagram account Mia Khalifa He has more than 22 million 500 thousand followers, who are constantly reacting to his publications, even more so when the beautiful model appears in them, because on several occasions he has shared his opinion about political and social issues not only in the United States but also in Beirut, Lebanon your home country.

Khalifa has been the source of inspiration for millions of people to indulge themselves, in addition to the fact that several songs inspired by her have also been released as they bear her own name, despite the fact that her passage through the films Directed specifically for adults, it was something she regrets, she managed to gain a great reputation and millions of fans, who recognize her right away.

Many have criticized her for having launched an OnlyFans page, this because despite "denying" that to this day her films continue to collect money from the owners of the page where they are, in her OnlyFans she can also share videos and Uncensored photographs, so it seems illogical to certain netizens that she is fighting for something she is doing again.

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Of course, Mia Khalifa will have her reasons for doing so, it can only be clarified that all the money she has raised thanks to her page is to make donations to various charities

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