Mia Khalifa's yellow dress wears under a beautiful waterfall

The model, businesswoman and ex actress of films for adults Mia Khalifa shared a beautiful photograph on her official Instagram account where she appears showing her beautiful figure while wearing a yellow dress under a waterfall.

Any outfit that the beautiful social media and adult film celebrity Mia Khalifa wears will always be able to show off her huge charms Whether your skin is noticeable or not, without a doubt it is more than impossible to hide them as it happened with this photograph published just seven hours ago.

More than a million like's are on the photo of Mia Khalifa, He became quite popular, despite the fact that he is not showing much skin as he usually boasts in his account with more than 23 million followers, who are still watching his movements on the networks.

Mia Khalifa looks like a professional model in this snapshot that could easily pass as a work of art because it looks like an oil painting on canvas, the beautiful businesswoman is very concentrated, the pose she is doing is like that of an Amazon but elegant and flirty, with one of his hands he is looking for something on the horizon, while the other hand rests on his waist, the perfect balance has just begun.

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The design of the dress is asymmetrical, it has a single sleeve, and it has details on both the neck and the waist, in the neck we find a fold that resembles a rope, passes over her right shoulder and goes down the armpit of her left arm.

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This pattern is repeated at the waist, which much of it is exposed with the same pattern that reminds you of a rope, Mia Khalifa is bending her left knee which causes her hip to be a little more highlighted, causing her figure to have shaped like a seductive "S", drawing attention because the garment is long, however some delicate and exquisite parts of her body can be seen.


However, what surely caught the attention of their fans was the fact of seeing their huge charms, because the fabric is made of cotton when it is stretched a lot, it tends to be a bit transparent, this happened in the upper part of it, as you will remember Mia Khalifa is possessed of huge curves and superior charms so these caused the fabric to stretch a lot, leaving a lot of notice.

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For this the model decided to use hearts that will cover her upper parts so we can only see these pieces.

Behind her is a quite large waterfall from what you can see, according to her description she was looking for some waterfalls in the desert, it seems that he found them, days ago to be exact on February 15 a photo of Mia Khalifa was shared on Twitter where she appeared in the desert lowering her blouse and precisely with her charms covered with the same hearts that we saw in today's post, it looks like he was getting ready for the waterfall session.

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Among so much content that he shares both on Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans, it has become an easy task to put the pieces of some of his sessions together and relate them to each other, it is his photo of today he wrote that the session had been taken in the "Blackberry Mountain"The literal translation into Spanish is Montañas de Mora, its publication has more than 5 thousand 800 comments.



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