Michael Jackson could be the father of Bruno Mars, according to theories

For a few days on social networks a theory really incredible where it is indicated that The King of Pop, Michael Jackson could be the father American singer Bruno Mars knows the reason.

Michael Jackson's departure was almost 11 years ago but has been on the lips of many since then by hundreds of things that happened around him.

This time a completely incredible theory came to light where they point out that singer and music producer Bruno Mars could have a great kinship with the.

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It all started thanks to the fact that Jackson once revealed in an interview that he had a eldest son which was not recognized and she had not disclosed her identity to protect him as well as her mother.

In addition, they have highlighted the enormous resemblance that both have singers before he underwent plastic surgeries on his face.

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It is worth mentioning that when Michael Jackson left in the year 2009, Mars was accepted by the singer's record label, in addition to that close sources indicate that he attended the funeral in the company of his father.

Another reason to believe in it is that the real name Bruno's is "Peter"which users associate it with"Peter Pan"who is the King of Pop's favorite child character.

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As I recall, Michael Jackson's life was always surrounded by scandals so it wouldn't be a strange thing if this were really true.

On the other hand, parents from mars are Peter Hernández and Bernadette Saint Peter, from Puerto Rico and the Philippines respectively and he was born and he grew up in Hawaii, United States and after two years he was nicknamed "Bruno" thanks to his father, for his resemblance to professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino.

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In the year 1990, with only four years old, Bruno start his artistic career imitating Elvis, being featured in The New York Times as "Little Elvis"

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