Michael Myers really pauses in the new official Halloween Kills photo!

After a considerable delay due to the pandemic, Halloween Kills will finally arrive in theaters next October and the hype train among fans of the saga is already starting to go.

At the next station fans can find a new official image of Michael Myers, villain symbol of the iconic saga created by John Carpenter: the photo, provided exclusively by Empire Magazine, is as usual available at the bottom of the article.

Halloween Kills is the direct sequel to the well received Halloween from 2018, in turn a continuation of the story of John Carpenter’s first Halloween that with a swipe of the sponge ignored all the sequels made from the 80s onwards. Halloween Kills will resume immediately after the end of the previous movie, which it ended with the apparent death of Michael Myers at the hands of the Strode family. Needless to say, the deadly homicidal maniac survived, and the protagonists led by Jamie Lee Curtis will find out the hard way. For John Carpenter, who helped create the next episode, Halloween Kills is the ultimate slasher movie.

The film, we recall, was postponed for a year due to the pandemic and now has a release date set for October 15th. It will be followed by Halloween Ends, already announced as the conclusion of the new saga created by director David Gordon Green and screenwriter Danny McBride.

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