Ministry of Health at CDMX invested 28 million pesos in hospital sanitation and

(Photo: Reuters / Carlos Jasso)
(Photo: Reuters / Carlos Jasso)

After the announcement of the National Day of Healthy Distance, Mexico City began to make various decisions and implement policies around the health sector with the aim of protect your workers, as well as keeping them away from a coronavirus infection.

Among the measures that were implemented, the one of sanitize public spaces, streets and public transport, reason why CDMX started with different operations or brigades that are in charge of touring the neighborhoods with the objective of cleaning the virua area.

In this context, the Ministry of Health of Mexico City used an approximate cost of 28 million pesos in contracts corresponding to sanitation of the clinical infrastructure, according to the figures of The universal.

These are high-level disinfection services in 131 operating rooms, as well as discharge rooms, 33 emergency and intensive care areas, in addition to 65 ambulances that provide a transfer service for COVID-19 cases.

The expense, they reported, is an important part of the actions undertaken by the local health authorities in order to protect the health of the Mexican population, but above all, of workers in the health sector who are exposed to the virus every day despite taking the appropriate precautions in the development of their work.

(Photo: Reuters / Carlos Jasso)
(Photo: Reuters / Carlos Jasso)

So far, a total of 21,000 sanitizations to public space, which is equivalent to about 2 million pesos with resources from the Ministry of Works and Services.

"The sanitation work aims to protect the population that for some reason has to go out and carry out essential activities, as well as the public space where workers of the capital government carry out activities so that the basic services of the city work ”, they assured.

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Regarding the issue of sanitation in public spaces, the issue became controversial because through the World Health Organization (WHO) they announced that they are dangerous procedures, as well as not very effective.

In a document on surface cleaning and disinfection in response to the new coronavirus, the WHO explained that "Spraying or spraying outdoor spaces, such as streets or markets, is not recommended to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 or other pathogens, since the action of the disinfectant is nullified by dirt. ”

“Even in the absence of organic matter, chemical spraying is unlikely to properly cover all surfaces for the contact time necessary to deactivate pathogens. In addition, the streets and sidewalks are not considered reservoirs of COVID-19 infection, ”said the WHO.

(Photo: Andrea Murcia / Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Andrea Murcia / Cuartoscuro)

On the other hand, the organization revealed a study that shows that the spray inside the buildings is ineffective if not done directly. "If disinfectants are applied, it should be done with a cloth or a wipe with disinfectant," recommends the organization.

In CDMX, however, there are also sanitation campaigns in the Collective Transportation System (STC) Metro and Metrobús. The contacts awarded for 30 million pesos allow disinfection processes to be carried out every day in the multiple stations of the network.

The Water System is another of the agencies that made an investment of three million pesos for the sanitation of 1,400 strategic facilities for the protection of 4,600 workers that make up the crews.


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