Iran Coronavirus originated from China has spread to 23 countries of the world. The death toll has reached 2912 and more than 80 thousand people have been found infected. On Monday, Mohammed Mirmohammadi, an adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, died of coronavirus. He was 71 years old. He died in a hospital in Tehran, and was admitted to the hospital after his condition deteriorated. Information has also been provided by the state media. According to The Sun's report, Mohammed Mir Mohammadi died due to coronavirus.

Mir Mohammadi was a member of the Expediency Discrimination Council, which advises Ayatollah and settles disputes with Parliament. At least 66 people have died in Iran now, the most outbreak outside China has started here. Vice President Masumeh Ibtekar is also included in the list of people who are ill with Coronavirus.

This announcement by the Australian Government provides relief to foreign students including India "src ="

Foreign students including India get relief from this announcement of Australian Government

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Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harichi, the head of a task force on coronovirus, was also killed a day after trying to defuse the outbreak. Iran today confirmed 1,501 cases of the virus. Meanwhile, a news is also coming that a pilgrim is shown kissing its doors in the holy city of Qom, the center of Iran's outbreak. In this picture, worshipers are shown kissing his door, which increases the risk of coronavirus outbreak.

China had imposed large scale restrictions to reduce the risk of coronaviruses, imprisoning people in their homes. The movement of people in public places was stopped, but this has not happened in Iran. The death toll is increasing there. One such video has been released in which some people are shown kissing the walls of the holy place in turn. Due to this the possibility of spreading of this virus is increasing considerably. Those who are kissing this holy place when asked about the danger of the spread of coronavirus, they said that they do not care what happens. They are doing their worship.

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