Montserrat Oliver lives toxic relationship and married forced by Yaya Kosikova, they assure

They ensure that the driver Montserrat Oliver who six months ago would have starred in his nuptial link with his fiancée, Yaya Kosikova he would have married forced by the model.

Close sources assure that the model and photographer Yaya Kosikova he would have manipulated the driver, Montserrat to get them married as she cannot bear the relationship that Oliver still holding on Andrade.

Everything seems to indicate that there is a very toxic relationship between the two rather than love and what won was the jealousy of Yay, since apparently she is very insecure and would have influenced Montserrat to get married.

The above, according to statements from people close to the driver who confirmed that the link, which was made six months ago, was promoted by the sick jealousy of Kosikova, as they assure, does not support Yolanda Andrade, Montse's best friend.

How he convinced her

So, to feel more secure, she convinced Oliver for them to marry on the grounds that if she were an advocate of free choice of partner and equal marriage she would not be giving a good message as a single woman.

They also point out that after the wedding, Yay He does not leave her alone for a moment, so even the producers fear for this, since he accompanies her on all the recordings and threatens to make some appearances on the show "Montse & Joe"

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On the other hand, Montserrat he has only been related to two people since he came out of the closet, one with Bárbara Coppel and the other with Yolanda Andrade same that is almost inseparable from Montserrat what Yay, they assure, it makes your hair stand on end.

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