More than 12 million Mexicans work in critical conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Photo: EFE / Edgar Ávila)
(Photo: EFE / Edgar Ávila)

The coronavirus pandemic has economically hit the incomes of Mexican families, but also of companies, where some have had to opt for extraordinary measures in payments to their workers or even dismissals, despite the recommendations of the federal government .

In this context, it was revealed through the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) that During the first three months of the year, the country reached 12,496,000 people who work under critical conditions.

According to the data investigated by The Univesal, the main affected by the labor market are the population that works more th an 35 hours a week with income below the minimum wage

or more than 48 hours per week with payments of maximum two minimum wages.

The critical occupancy rate was implied in the first quarter of 2020. Compared to the 11.80% registered in 2013Mexico now saw one of the highest rates at 22.58%.

Some of the states with the lowest rate were Jalisco with 10.5%, Nuevo León with 20.6%, Baja california with 12.4%, Querétaro with 13.6%, Colima with 14.3% and Sinaloa with 14.5%. On the contrary, among the highest, 46% from Chiapas, 32.5% from Tlaxcala, 30.1% from Guerrero and 29.5% from Oaxaca stand out.

On the other hand, the percentages of individuals in critical working conditions revealed that the 24.5% are men, while 19.38% are women. In addition, they announced that Guerrero, Oaxaca, Higalgo and Yucatan do not exceed 2%, but San Luis and Morelos have a minimum of 1.18% and up to 2.31%.

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The above supposes that about a million 976 thousand people do not have a job, when a year ago in the same period, it was only 1 million 886 thousand 145, that is, an increase of 89,855 people.

(Photo: Reuters / Gustavo Graf)
(Photo: Reuters / Gustavo Graf)

According to the civil organization Acción Ciudadana Frente a la Pobreza, through its "Special Report by COVID-19" presented in April 2020, the health emergency exposed "the precarious working conditions of millions of people".

According to their report, before the start of the pandemic almost 32 million people were not earning enough to acquire the basic basket for two people and they can hardly stay at home if they do not receive financial support to survive.

Further, 34 million people work without benefits or access to social security. Among them, 15 million workers do not comply with the mandatory affiliation, despite having a subordinate and salaried job.

Furthermore, there are 18 million workers in Mexico who have a job without a stable contract, at risk of dismissal without compensation and without defense in the event of a reduction in wages or benefits.

The situation of precariousness intensifies among women, who continue to be unequal compared to men, since they have less labor participation, more than double unemployment, suffer from a wage gap and have an unpaid workload in care and domestic work.

María Luisa Alcalde, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, reported that between March 13 and April 6, 346,878 jobs were lost.

Two out of three of these sick leave, 66% have occurred in companies with 251 or more employees, which is why they are considered large, while 25% of the total occurred in companies with more than 1,000 employees.

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