Istanbul, Agency. So far, more than 80 thousand refugees have reached Europe via Turkey's northwestern borders. The Turkish government said on Monday that this number could increase further in the coming days. On the other hand, a child died in the sinking of a boat carrying refugees in the Greek Iceland of Lesbos. Let us tell you that Turkey announced on Thursday that it will no longer prevent refugees from reaching Europe through its border.

Turkey's Director of Communications Fahartin Altun said, human suffering, the challenge of migration to Syria and unprecedented displacement remain a problem not only for Turkey but also for Europe and the world. Turkey is working vigorously to deal with the refugee crisis, but other countries should also work on this issue. According to local journalists on the border, most of the refugees are fishing in the Avros river with boats reaching the border of the European countries of Greece.

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People living in rural areas of Turkey are taking refugees from fishing boats to the other side of the river. In lieu of this, they are recovering from refugees from Rs 2200 to Rs five thousand. Children are not being charged, however. Alam is that hundreds of refugees have gathered on the banks of the river and are negotiating with fishermen to cross the river.

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Villagers said that the refugees who were able to catch the Greek security forces are being sent back to Turkey. Security forces have put barbed wire along the river banks to prevent refugees from entering Greece. Some 1.5 million Syrian refugees have fled towards the Turkish border in Idlib, fearing a bombing by Syrian forces a few days ago. Turkey, however, has not allowed them to enter its border. There are already several lakh refugees living in Turkey, a large number of them Syrian citizens.

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One person killed in Greece security forces' action Two Turkish officials say one person has also died in action by security forces to prevent refugees from entering Greece. However, Athens has denied this claim by Turkey. More than ten thousand refugees are said to have reached the Turkish border bordering Greece and Bulgaria. Most of these refugees are Syrian. Apart from this, there are also some citizens of West Asia countries and Afghanistan.

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