Most memorable moments in the UK Love Island in 2022

Most memorable moments in the UK Love Island in 2022

Love Island’s winner Davide was caught walking out of a party with two girls, and none of them was his winning partner Ekin-Su Culculoglu. Are they separating? Another contestant, AJ Bunker, split from her boyfriend after finding out about his profession! Love Island Season 8 has a lot more to be revealed. If you are one of those who love to watch Love Island, this article is made for you.

Love Island Season 8:

Season 8 of Love Island ended with show favorites Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide winning. The relationships faced many rollercoasters throughout the show. But the most critical question is, are these contestants faking their relationships to win, or is it real? The good thing about the season is that relationships still exist a month after it ended, indicating their genuine love. 

The final episode of Love Island season 8 went live on the 1st of August, Monday. The winners were all-time favorites – Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide. Let’s get through the finale over here.

The finale of Love Island 2022

The season was unique, as viewers got the chance to decide the winner. The show started with girls going shopping, spa, dressing, and talking to contestants. 

After the voting was closed, it was time for the results announcement: Tasha and Andrew sat in the 4th position, and Indiyah and Dami were 3rd. Ekin-Su and Davide and Gemma and Luca were left. Both couples’ journeys were shown, and the winner was: Ekin-Su and Davide. 

The results were a little unexpected because of their strenuous journey. It all started with hate and got ended with pure love.

Most memorable moments in Love Island:

If you’re a Love Island fan, you can’t miss some of its top moments:

  1. Liam and Millie got separated: The whole villa was divided, and the boys and girls were apart. It was the time when certain new contestants entered the show. Liam started getting close to Lillie. This caused the couple to separate. Millie was in a broken state. The episodes were full of drama and emotion. 
  2. Luca Bish and Dami Hope’s relationship was exposed: The relationship initially seemed genuine, but we later found out that it was just for the sake of the show. They got exposed when both parted away. It was an exciting moment.
  3. A mother forgets her son’s name: It was the time when Indiyah Polack used to call Dami by his rival name, Deji Adeniy. It was a simple mistake. Later, when Dami’s mother paid a visit, she also called him Deji. It was a hilarious moment.
  4. Liam had to go out: The show where everyone has a dream to chase, but Liam had to leave the show due to mental health issues. It was an emotional moment as his friends did not want him to go.
  5. Parents’ visit: It was a series of emotional episodes when parents visited the villa. Contestants broke down after seeing and meeting their parents. It was moving and beautiful.

Let’s wrap up 

Love Island has gained vast popularity and has become the most awaited and liked dating show. Although nothing can replace Love Island, viewers will enjoy other shows like Too Hot to Handle, Ex on The Beach, Dating Around, and many more.

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